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Apr 24, 2009 08:24 AM

Hell's Kitchen - 04/23/09 ep (spoilers)

Glad to see Danny finally win a challenge. Kind of thought that when he used fish stock in the recreation of the fish stew, he'd win it against Paula using water for her liquid base. He was over there tasting, tasting, tasting, whereas everyone else just tasted it once and then went to make it. Cool prize as well.

WTH was up with Andrea using bay scallops over sea scallops? She didn't "see them" in the fridge? She had to know they were sea scallops based on the size - look harder!

Interesting that GR didn't allow Ben to hide his Pernod. Also interesting that he was the only one who got that flavor.

But finally - Ben is gone. Although it could have been Andrea without any problem. Andrea should definitely *not* be in the Final 3. Now I'm kind of missing Robert, as he would have definitely made it a full-on three-way challenge against Danny and Paula.

Got a kick out of the previews for next week where Scott says he's going to slap Andrea for the way she's barking out orders at the pass!

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  1. I think that many of us had picked Danny & Paula as the final 2, and I think that if Robert had not dropped out, Andrea and Ben would have been gone by now.

    I thought it was a pretty good episode overall, but I thought that the gift of the GR signature cookware was gratuitous pimping, as nice a gift as it was.

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    1. re: Fydeaux

      SERIOUS pimping - in addition to Danny's confessional saying they were his "favorite pans EVER!"

      1. re: LindaWhit

        I'd hazard a guess that each one said something TV worthy about the pans, and Danny won airtime. Maybe the others sounded more fake.

        It was boring.

        When they were about to fly the loops, I wish Danny had said to GR, if you fall out, that means I win, right?

        1. re: shallots

          ROFL! on your last comment! But I don't think they were in communication with each other - just their own plane's pilots. :-)

    2. I actually enjoyed this episode. Bens gone but he left with high praise from GR. He needs to mature a bit but I suspect he will be a Chef for many years to come.
      Did any one catch that they finally gave Andrea a thermometer? A mongo one at that! LOL
      That thing was about 3" in diameter on the dial end.
      Andrea trying to copy off every one else at the challange........groan.
      I just hope Danny or Paula actually get the prize.

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      1. re: Fritter

        It did not look like an instant read thermometer, it looked like of those big old honkers that gets stuck in the meat and shoved in the oven for the entire cooking time. I think it was just a prop. I also don't buy that running out of prepped wellingtons was a big surprise, some how, some way, it was contrived drama.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          I have seen probes like that, but they are not thermometers. Just a skewer with a big head on it. You stick it in the meat and then feel the end (often on your lower lip) to see what the temp is.

      2. What is it with these people, they can't tell HALIBUT from SNAPPER? Totally different texture, consistency and taste. So happy to see Ben and his big mouth, big ego, and little cheating ways go home.

        1. I was waiting for Ben to say that Ramsay had sent him home just to challenge him after his comment that Chef picks on me because he knows I have potential. Ben has a career in PR just waiting for him. I really wanted to see Andrea gone but better the whine than the mouth.