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looking for breakfast, monmouth co.

I have the day off on Monday from work and would like to just relax and find a nice breakfast that I can enjoy. It would great if it was a place that had outside seating (think it's going to be nice Monday!). I'm looking in the area from Highlands down to Asbury Park . Any suggestions?


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  1. North Beach Grill - Atlantic Ave, Long Branch. Outdoor seating a couple blocks from the beach.

    Menu here, but be aware that most of the best stuff is posted on blackboards.. Stunning Black Russians!


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      Equal Mark - Curious, are those Black Russian Bagels you speak of? I have never been able to find a place in the local area that has them, just Jersey Boy Bagel all the way up in East Hanover NJ ...thank you for your help.

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        I might be mistaken but I think that the Bagel Oven on Monmouth St in Red Bank has Black Russian bagels. I think they have the BEST local bagels, anyway, so you might want to check it out. Don't confuse it with the Bagel Station which is further down on Monmouth St, closer to the train station.

    2. We live in Middletown and the best breakfast in this area, IMHO, is Turning Point in Holmdel. I understand that they have a new location in Pier Village, Long Branch. I'd recommend giving that a try. Not oceanfront or outside seating, but very close to the ocean in LB.

      There's a place in Sea Bright next to the Post Office that has outside seating along Ocean Ave and has excellent breakfast. That's also worth a try. Let us know where you go and how you like it.

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      1. Yes, the place in Pier village in long branch is quite good and they have outdoor seating. I would call ahead first as a lot of restaurants are closed on mondays.

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          We went to Turning Point yesterday (Pier Village). I had their lemon-blueberry pancakes, as usual. Love the breakfast.....

        2. We went to the Turning Point in Little Silver today for the first time and were underwhelmed. Nice space with friendly service but the food was just so so and not served very hot. Very good coffee however but no refill offer. Bottom line _ $28 for two including tax and tip it, simple was not worth the price or the time and effor to get there.

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            Right on...was a regular at TP, all locations, but the food is going downhill, the service can be extremely rushed or very slow, no happy medium. Lots of noisy kids (the parents could care less who they are annoying) and cold pancakes were the kiss of death for me! Also, seating is near the bathrooms and the parade of people back and forth is not my idea of a fun breakfast or lunch!!!!

          2. I know this post is old, but I wnet the other day for lunch for Edie's on Rumson Road in Little Silver. DE-LISH!!! We both had lobster salad rolls that were very good! The place is an old charm, very small inside, but such a warm sensation when you arrive by the staff...like family.

            No website, but I found this link for the menu:


            I was there on Tuesday, and the place was rather crowded, but I will definately go back. They are only open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week.

            1. As far as the Black Russian mentioned above, it was not a bagel. Turkey & swiss on pumpernickel with cole slaw and Russian dressing...

              Edie's is great if you can snag a table... :-)

              1. You know this is so old I can't even remember where I ended up for breakfast!

                I've given Turning Point in Holmdel two chances, and both times I left dissatisfied, with medicore watery egg dishes. It's too crowded and pricey compared to some other off-the-beaten places in the area.

                I tried to hit up Sunset Landing for a late breakfast/early lunch last Saturday, July 4th after hearing great reviews on here. I walked in, the two teens who were inside told me to take any table outside so I did. There were about three other tables occupied. I waited for ten minutes before I was acknowledged. Meanwhile, watched another teen waitress bring her boyfriend to a table, get him drinks, hug and kiss him. What's up with this place? I ended up walking out after the waitress came by after the then minutes. Told her why as well. I think ten minutes is far too long to be seated and not be acknowledged for at least drinks.

                Will need to try some of your other suggestions listed here.