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Apr 24, 2009 08:08 AM


I am looking for a store inCalgary that may sell tawah( to cook roti ) and also cast iron pots

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  1. Hey trinibabe! My partner is Trini (from Santa Cruz, just like Brian Lara :)) and we have a tawa... purchased in Trincity. No idea where you might purchase one here, but you might ask the folks at the Organettes Social Club. But there is a thread on cast iron sources on here- and a lot of recos were for Canadian Tire... think "camping" instead of traditional kitchen sources and you'll get better deals.

    We made roti with dalpuri shells purchased from the Jamaican (I know....) place across the street from Lina's Italian Market - we use the tawa to heat them up (NOT to make dalpuri from scratch!) but it's good for all sorts of warming- like making quesadillas too, not that I have to tell you that. Good luck!

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      There is an amazing selection of cast-iron cookware at (ahem) Army and Navy in the Northeast behind Franklin Mall.

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        Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I too resorted to buying roti at that same Jamaican store (I love that shop you walk in there and the atmosphere is truly Caribbean you feel right at home.) I did take your advice found the perfect cast iron pot at a store that sells RV's believe it or not. Already curried some goat (bought at the Jamaican store). As for the tawah well after being in Canada for three years, finally someone is coming from T&T so my tawah is on it's way.

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          A flat griddle pan would work just as good in place of a Tawah. Also with regards to the cast iron pot, there is a make called Le Creuset. Have a look at their stuff, pricy but well worth the money.