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Apr 24, 2009 08:07 AM

Bangkok fried Chicken

Just thought I'd point out this recipe posted over at the Atlantic food page.

Jared Wrisley bought the recipe from a Bangkok street vendor.

Hmm, what are we having for dinner tonight......

Seriously folks, let's see if this is all it's cracked up to be.

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  1. Did you find coriander root for sale or just uproot some plants? I can't bear to do the latter but haven't seen it in stores.

    That recipe looks incredibly delicious.

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    1. re: tcamp

      See if you can find any coriander/cilantro for sale with its roots still attached. If your market doesn't sell it withe the roots attached, you might try checking a local farmer's market.

      1. re: Mary64

        I wonder if this is the same as the fantastic Thai chicken we used to get in L.A. in the early 80s? I can't find anything as good up here in SFBayArea. Maybe that was BBQ chicken. Came with a dipping sauce. I've bought it at varous places in the past 2 years, but it's not nearly as good.

        1. re: Mary64

          And Asian grocers usually sell cilantro with the root still attached.

        2. re: tcamp

          Most Hispanic markets sell cilantro with a healthy set of roots attached.

        3. The recipe looks gluten free. I've got to try it. Thanks.

          1. Just curious to hear if anyone tried the recipe. I tested it in my kitchen, with good results, here in Bangkok.

            - Jarrett

            PS - I didn't buy the recipe, actually. It was given to me.

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            1. re: wrisjarrett

              Definitely will try it soon. Sounds great. One question -- the chicken marinates in the batter that is also the coating for the fry? When frying, should I leave on a healthy coating o the batter, or let as much slide off as possible for a think coat (like tempura)?

              1. re: sbp

                Yes, the marinade is the batter is the coating for the fry. When you leave overnight, the chicken absorbs much of the liquid, and you'll get a stickier batter, and more crunch. I think you should keep as much on as the piece of chicken will allow (which is not all that much). For a saltier chicken, add an extra tablespoon or two of fish sauce.

                1. re: wrisjarrett

                  I know this is cheating and not the same flavor but in a pinch has anyone tried ground coriander and then some cilantro stems/leaves

            2. As promised and yes OMG!! Great recipe, and fantastic fried chicken!! Thanks Jared !!

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              1. re: kkb1963

                Has anyone ever made this by baking the chicken instead of deep frying it? Maybe you had to make some alterations... I'm trying to watch my calories, but I love crispy chicken too!

                1. re: Stellar D

                  I don't think baking would work for this recipe because the wet batter would never set properly. You would probably have to adapt this to a dry batter recipe by omitting the excess wet ingredients and rolling in the flour.

              2. Thought I'd resurrect this post since I have some lovely coriander roots attached to my cilantro bunch, and figured it's time to finally give this a try. I have a question (Jared W., are you there?) for anyone who's made it. Is this a deep-fried recipe, as I'm assuming, or does pan-frying also work? Thanks.

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                1. re: bear

                  I assumed it was deep-fried and did so. Darn good, but a lot of work.

                  1. re: bear


                    Thanks for reviving this thread- I'll definitely be making this!