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Apr 24, 2009 07:57 AM

Rome and Florence trip

We'll be in Rome and Florence in 3 weeks! Here's our dining plan for now. For this trip, we're going for more modern, as opposed to traditional (which we have done a lot of in previous trips). Any thoughts or violent objections are welcome. Thanks!

Rome - Friday
lunch: Casa Bleve
dinner: an aperitivi tour (i like to graze at different places) @ Etabli, Societe Lutece, Cantina del Vecchio

Rome - Saturday
lunch: Cul de Sac
pre-dinner: Il Gocetto
dinner: Ditirambo (this is my favorite resto in Rome. I know there's been mixed thoughts here, but we go everytime we're in Rome.)

Rome - Sunday
lunch: Matricianella
dinner: L'Altro Mastai, Antico Arco, or Al Ceppo (in this order of preference, This is to celebrate DH's birthday. We'll go where we can get booking and which makes most sense based on itinerary.)

Rome - Monday
lunch: La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
pre-dinner: Ciampini
dinner: Palatium

Florence - Tuesday
lunch: Da Sergio
pre-dinner: Slowly
dinner: Buca dell'Orafo

Florence - Wednesday
lunch: 'Ino
pre-dinner: Le Volpi e L'Uva
dinner: Il Santo bevitore

Florence - Thursday
lunch: Cafe Cibreo
dinner: aperitivi tour @ Fuori Porta, Noir, QB Quantobasta.

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  1. If you are going to Cibreo trattoria for lunch, why not try Teatro del Sale a few doors away? You will be pleased with the wide variety of dishes served (buffet-style, all you care to take) in all the courses. You won't be served by a waiter but the trattoria is so small that service is minimal. You will never forget the lunch you have at Teatro.

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    1. re: CJT

      Main reason being we have tickets to Galleria dell'Accademia. So was thinking of a quick lunch of salad or sandwich. I would like to try Teatro, but seems more appropriate for a leisurely lunch. Also, note we were planning to go to the Caffe, not the Trattoria.

    2. Cul de Sac is overrated, has terrible local dishes (the "exotic"s are better) and service is way off.
      Love Goccetto.
      Matricianella is closed sundays.
      L'Altro Mastai is closed, for some time now, I think they are out of business.

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      1. re: AstridR69

        Thanks. My bad re Matricianella. I had marked a big 'closed Sunday' next to it on my list, but somehow still put it down for Sunday. L'Altro Mastai is still a mystery. I know that the old location at Via Giraud is closed. However, have been reading about that they have reopened near the Domus Aurea. Can anyone confirm or deny this please?

        1. re: ms. chow

          I just checked. Some Italian sources say it is closed / out of business. On the site itself it says closed for renovations. I can't find any mention of a new place in any Italian source. I can't find anything newer than last year for the chef, either and find it all strange. I haven't been to the mentioned new address close to the terme caracalla, so I can't 100% deny there is no such restaurant there, but if they are operating, they have kept it a very good secret.

          1. re: ms. chow

            I just talked with a well-informed someone in the business: The american company that was behind the scenes in L'altro mastai invested 800.000 euros last year. But the money never came back in, so they have closed. permanently. They had plans to add a mini-version to the huge structure in the middle of termini station, but that plan is also shattered (money, crisis, etc.). The chef is looking for work in Milano.

            1. re: AstridR69

              Thank you AstridR69. Thanks for the scoop.

              1. re: AstridR69

                That's too bad. I had considered it as a birthday dinner place on my last visit and was hoping it would be open the next time I go to Rome. Guess not.

          2. go to zibibbo for dinner in firenze