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Apr 24, 2009 07:53 AM

14 weeks left -- what do I have to try?

I have 14 weeks before I am moving to Boston, so I wanted to turn to the experts. I would like to try as many "must have" places in Los Angeles. These can be fancy restaurants, food trucks, brunch places, or holes in the wall.

I am based in Santa Monica, but am fine traveling to where I need to go.

Of the popular upscale restaurants I've already been to Spago, Cut, Osteria Mozza, the Bazaar, Rustic Canyon, Koi, Patina.

Off of the top of my head, the well-known "best of" places I've been to Langers, Phillpes, Father's Office, Urth Caffe, Sprinkles, Diddy Reese.

So if you had 14 weeks to - where would you be going!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Saddle Peak Lodge
      Monte Alban

      1. Shakas in Alhambra(not Monterey Park)-Bacon fried rice
        Donut Man Strawberry Donut
        Scoops for creative gelatos
        Fosselmans for old time ice cream
        Masti Malones for Middle Eastern Ice Cream
        Partamians for the best lahmajune every, very old school quality (Adams, east of Fairfax)
        Big Mista BBQ at one of the Farmers Markets
        26 Beach for the best burger in LA, they make their own buns Also amazing french toasts
        Original Bill's Taco House-very different taco

        El Tepeyac-Machaca Plate/Dinner
        Nickel Diner=Biscuits & Gravy
        Panns- Andouille sausage & eggs with a side of biscuits
        Spoon House- Japanese/Italian fusion- real good, get coffee jelly and the coffee ice with ice cream for dessert

        Taco table on Vermont just north of Washington- Al pastor taco and chorizo taco
        Vito's Pizza-vegetarian slice
        Nicky D's- Clam and bacon pizza
        Tam O'Shanter Inn-Welsh Rarebit, Toad in the Hole & CC Browns Hot Fudge Sundae
        Carousel or Elenas or Hermitage for Armenain/Middle Eastern
        Rutt's Hut for anything Hawaiian I like the bacon fried rice at Shakas better
        Ciros for flautas/rolled tacos
        Blue Moon Cafe for Mac & Cheese
        Flossie's for Fried Chicken and fixins
        Griddle Cafe-pancakes
        Tropical Cafe -cuban sandwich, guava cream cheese pie & cafe con leche
        Fab for hot dogs
        Pinks for a jalapeno sausage dog with mustard and onions only!
        J&J Burgers & BBQ- rib tips, smoked chicken wings, potatoe salad, get sauce 1/2 & 1/2
        Cube @ Divine Pasta- small plates of salumi, cheese & wine......amazing
        Gen Mi-Sushi (in Honda Plaza Little Tokyo) get there 20 minutes before they open
        101 Noodle House- Beef Roll and some dumplings (Valley Blvd near New) hard to see
        Sahags Basturma-Basturma or Soujuk Sandwich
        Sweets for the Soul- amazing Valrhona Brownies The Obama Brownie
        Langer's-Best pastrami in the country get the #19
        Pacific Dining Car-Breakfast, banana walnut pancakes, house sausage and fresh OJ
        Oki Dog on Fairfax-the special burrito with everything, nothing like it in the whole country
        Cobbler Lady-Cherry cobbler, only on certain days
        Fish Taco place in East LA, i forget the name, great fried fish tacos

          1. Have to get yourself some Mexican food. When I moved away from LA for 3 years, it was probably the thing that I missed the most. Tacos Tumbras a Tomas & Ana Maria in Grand Central Market (downtown) serve some mighty fine Mexican food. I'm sure others will suggest their faves.

            How about the Vietnamese sandwiches at Mr. Baguette? Prolly don't got those in Boston.

            Maybe the Hat? Not because they serve the best pastrami, or the best onion rings, but goodness gracious do I love having that every 6 months or so.

            Some good Hawaiian food. Prolly don't have that in Boston, either. I'd recommend the Loft, but I have been a little unhappy with my last 2 meals there.

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              Shakas & Rutt's Hut should satisfy the hawaiian. forgot about Maria's Roast to go, my bad!