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Apr 24, 2009 07:00 AM

Verizon Center area

Looking for a good suggestion, any kind of food, that is relativley inexpesive (less then $15/person) and perhaps has beer? Somewhere near the Verizon Center. Thanks.

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  1. The neighborhood is called Penn Qtr/Chinatown and is filled with places to meet your needs. You can search the board for recs. Some suggestions-Nado Peri Peri, Oyamel, Jaleo, Zaytinya, Five Guys, and Matchbox. For beer try RFD, but stay away from the food.

    1. My favorite in that area and price range is Nando's Peri Peri chicken. And yes, they have beer. And wine! If you're around for lunch, Momiji has great lunch specials for sushi, sashimi and other Asian food.Kanlaya is serviceable Thai.

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        Matchbox for an appetizer salad & delicious sliders would be my pick!

        1. re: chicken kabob

          I think with tax and tip that would definitely be more than $15

      2. tons of choices besides what already has been listed
        1. Chinatown Express or Eat First for authentic cantonese cuisine (Tsing Tsao beer)
        2. DC Chophouse and Brewery: if you stick to appetizers, burgers, salads etc the price is good and they obviously have beer
        3. Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant:
        4. Jaleo: Tapas
        5. Rosa Mexicano
        6. Matchbox
        7 Kanalaya: Thai
        8 Rock and Roll: Sushi and chinese
        9. Zlatinyia: middle eastern small plates
        10 RFD
        11. Green Turtle (actually right next to the Verizon Center) Beer and pretty good bar food

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        1. re: dining with doc

          actually wok n Roll not Rock n Roll. my bad

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            Skip Wok & Roll--atmosphere leaves much to be desired and sushi is low quality.
            You can get much better sushi and Japanese food at Momiji and Chinese at Tony Cheng's, and both are on the same block.

        2. I'll throw in Fado on 7th and H as well. Surprisingly decent food and good beer selection. There is also Vapiano which is cheap as well for ok italian food.

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            vapiano would be a very good fit.

          2. Does Nando's Peri Peri have beer? I think they might. If so some beer and their chicken wings or their chicken would be good.

            If you are there at lunch time, Potato Valley has great stuffed baked potatoes with really interesting ingredients, it is like salad and stuffed baked potato together in a good way. I love the blue cheese and broccoli and the Cuban.