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Apr 24, 2009 05:55 AM

Morels are here!

Russos had them yesterday at $28.00 a pound. First I've seen but now I know its spring. Breakfast: asparagus and morels in cream sauce with scrambled eggs. Be still my heart!

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  1. I had my first fiddle head of the season last night too!

    1. They were $30/lb. at Russo's on Saturday - I guess the mushroom market is also in a depression. ;)

      1. I saw the morels at Russo's last week and didn't think they looked ver good. Super wet and a little wimpy.

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        1. re: tallullah

          hmm...I bought three to try for the first time - they looked good to me - bouncey ! but I have no idea - how should they look? They tasted great sauteed with some eggs, VERY mushroom-y.

          1. re: tallullah

            the ones i bought yesterday were excellent and fresh: springy, surprisingly clean, not shedding bits at all. i would give them an A. As to the flavor of fresh morels: less intense than the dry ones but with marvelous texture and maybe a little more sublety. i'll take them any way I can get them!

          2. I have only used dried do fresh compare in taste? I know that with some dried mushrooms...porcini and chinese black mushrooms, the flavors are far more intense than fresh.

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            1. re: bakerboyz

              With fresh the texture is great. Springy and fresh. They don't have the intesity of dried.

              1. re: trufflehound

                Thank you for posting this. Is that price at russo's considered decent? I'm not experienced with fresh morels. Good to know about the fiddleheads, too (which I love, and which I think is still a regional item).

                1. re: Lucymax

                  I think Russo's prices for morels are about the best you'll find in the area. I saw them yesterday selling for $28/lb.

                  Around this time last year I was at Whole Foods and got excited because they were selling morels. As I was loading up a baggie I glanced at the sign and saw they were priced at $59.99/lb!!! Needless to say, I didn't buy them.

                  1. re: rebs

                    I plan to pick some up this morning. I will report on price and condition.

                    1. re: rebs

                      Was there yesterday - the morels were selling for $29.99 / lb.
                      The fiddleheads were $10/lb - that seemed higher than years past when iirc they were in the high single digits.

                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                        Wilson Farms didn't have morels yesterday, but they did have some excellent looking fiddleheads. I didn't notice the price, but they looked very very fresh.