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Apr 24, 2009 05:11 AM

Hit the Spot Eatery closed

Almost exactly a year ago I posted about a new restaurant in Scarborough, Hit the Spot Eatery. Sadly it's now closed, the windows papered over. It was in the same space as the former Stavros Greek takeout, on Kingston Road just west of Warden Avenue. It was run by the same Greek-Canadian family as the old place, but took on a second life with brand-new kitchen equipment including a panini grill and a fresh facelift. The menu was expanded from the original Greek fare to include panini sandwiches which were delicious, especially the Philly cheese steak. But probably because they over-extended themselves, it didn't work out. The area is notorious for establishments of all kinds that go belly up, and unfortunately Hit the Spot Eatery has joined their ranks.

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