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Apr 24, 2009 02:44 AM

'80's Casserole

I can't believe i am asking for this... but does anyone remember a casserole made with ground chuck, mushrooms , cream of mushroom soup,sour cream and french's fried
onions? I also had canned bisquits cut and placed around the the edge of the casserole
to form a ' border '. I have checked the logical recipe sites , Campbell's etc....nada
i haven't thought of this in years but an elderly relative has requested it and i would like
to make it for them .

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  1. I don't know why I felt the need to research this - boredom perhaps(lol) - but this maybe what you are looking for. It's called a beef stroganoff casserole and there are many variations. This has all the ingredients you listed except for the fried onions, but I'm guessing they were just a topping?

    I read your post and was turning my nose up at the ingredients and then saw that an elderly relative asked you for it. So sweet of you to want to make this for them. I hope this helps!,1927,...

    1. Hi there! If you'd like a substitute/healthier alternative for condensed cream of mushroom soup, try this recipe. I added a minced shallot and a tablespoon of madeira to mine (along with an 8-oz. package of mushrooms) and it worked out very nicely in a casserole I made this week.

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        I think for most of us, your substitution for the canned soup is a good idea, but if I were making this for an 80 year old, by request, I would make it so that it tastes just like she remembers it! That means, with the Campbell's.

        1. re: MazDee

          Yes, by all means, if someone has made a special request for this, crack open the Campbell's.

          I threw the alternative out there as I just found it and think others might enjoy it to help convert some old favorites that have been banished because of the "secret ingredient."

          In fact, my mom just called about the casserole I made. She took some of the leftovers home, heated it up for lunch and said it tasted even better reheated than it did the first day. Isn't that often the way? :)

        1. re: MazDee

          Thanks to all saved me on this one. My Aunt and Uncle ( both in their 80's )
          and visiting from Canada, requested this. I have to wonder if it was because they
          remembered it was the one of the few things i could cook as a young bride and don't seem to notice that I too have aged ...and can now cook.

          1. re: Itza lark

            I'm in my early 60's and this is one of the few good things I was ever served by anyone's girlfriend as a 20 year old. Our friend's gf served it over rice, not noodles. It was a favorite comfort food of my husband's after that visit.