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Apr 24, 2009 12:26 AM

Best of SD

Ok, in response to the very puzzling awards list of the California Restaurant Association's San Diego chapter, I'm opening up the voting to San Diego Chowhounds. I've significantly shortened the list of categories, eliminating everything that is dumb, boring, I don't like or don't care about. It is my game, after all. Here's the rules:

1. You may vote for only one business in each category.
2. Don't vote for anything you or your family has any financial interest in.
3. No comments, arguments, or supporting evidence in this thread please, just the votes.
4. Vote based on the current quality of food, beverage and service only, please. Don't vote for Joe's because it's been there a long time, it's close to your house, it has a great view, they let your dog o the patio, they used to be great, etc.

Here's the categories:

1. Best American:
2. Best Asian:
3. Best Breakfast:
4. Best Brewery:
5. Best Burger:
6. Best Continental/French (Casual):
7. Best French (Fine Dining):
8. Best Ethnic:
9. Best Italian (casual):
10. Best Italian (fine dining):
11. Best Mexican (casual):
12. Best Mexican (fine dining):
13. Best Neighborhood Restaurant:
14. Best New Restaurant (casual):
15. Best New Restaurant (fine dining):
16. Best Pizza:
17. Best Seafood (casual):
18. Best Seafood (fine dining):
19. Best Steakhouse (casual): Bully's East
20. Best Steakhouse (fine dining): Donovans
21. Best Sunday Brunch: Tom Ham's Lighthouse
22. Best Sushi: Sushi Bar Blue
23. Best Wine Bar: Wine Vault & Bistro

Again, please, votes only in this thread. Please start another thread to discuss.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't really dig this kind of list. Some of these you can't pick a best because either a) there are too many good ones, or b) we don't have a really good example. How about just a list of personal best places with no qualifiers attached?

      1. Best Asian (waay to broad): Sab E Lee, Okan
        Best Sushi: Kaito
        Best casual French: Cafe Chloe
        Best Steakhouse: Donovans
        Best Breakfast: Cavaillon, Mission Cup Cafe (both for very different reasons)
        Best Sunday brunch: Cavaillon
        Best Ethnic (this is waay too broad a category): Surati Farsan Mart, Okan, Buga Korean BBQ, Izakaya Sakura, Yumeya

        I'm not sure which categories Market, Addison and El Bizcocho all fall into, but they're all very good.

        1. juan...
          You left 19 trhu 23 filled in...are you trying to influence the judges :)
          1. Best Restauranteer: Phil of Phil's BBQ. To go from the small place to the huge place and not skip a beat is amazing.
          2. Best Breakfast: Most Recently: Firehouse PB
          3. Best Bakery/Cafe: Con Pane Rustic Breads
          5. Best Burger: Gourmet: The Pearl Greasy: The Waterfront
          6. Best Continental/French (Casual): Cafe Chloe
          7. Best French (Fine Dining): Roseville (haven't tried Tapenade)
          10. Best Italian (fine dining): Buon Apetitio (not sure if this is really fine dining)
          11. Best Mexican (casual): Super Concina
          12. Best Mexican (fine dining): Where is there Mexican Fine Dining?
          13. Best Neighborhood Restaurant: Cafe Chloe
          14. Best New Restaurant (casual): Tender Greens
          15. Best New Restaurant (fine dining): Roseville / Cowboy Star
          16. Best Pizza: Bronx
          17. Best Seafood (casual): Point Loma Seafoods (They get my vote just for Clam Chowder)
          20. Best Steakhouse (fine dining): Cowboy Star / Mortons
          23. Best Wine Bar: The 3rd Corner

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            1. re: sdnosh

              Good list, sdnosh. A correction, or rather, my unhumble opinion: it is so tiring to read the assertion that there is no Mexican Fine Dining.

              I believe Candela's fits this category. Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and various Mexican cities offer this type of cuisine.

              Not saying you are making this generalization, but way too many people claim that Mexican cuisine can not be gourmet. I think it's the same crowd who is only aware of Americanized and/or Baja style Mexican food. Just had to get that off my chest.

              1. re: ginael

                You're right! I completely forgot about Candela's and I have yet to try it. Is there any other Mexican Fine Dining in San Diego?

                1. re: sdnosh

                  El Agave
                  some might argue fridas in otay ranch

                  1. re: sdnosh

                    I think Romesco in Bonita falls into this category. The entire menu might not be "Mexican" but most of it falls squarely into the alta cocina genre.

              2. 1. Best American: Albie's
                2. Best Asian: Dumpling Inn..most of Convoy street
                3. Best Breakfast: Maryjane's Coffee Shop at Hard Rock
                4. Best Brewery: Stone Brewery
                5. Best Burger: Waterfront, Dobson's and Longhorn's
                6. Best Continental/French (Casual): Cavaillon , Cafe Chloe
                7. Best French (Fine Dining): Mille Fleurs
                8. Best Ethnic: Mr. Hummos..anything on Convoy except Korea House..not a fan.
                9. Best Italian (casual): Arrivederci, Piatti's
                10. Best Italian (fine dining): Baci's
                11. Best Mexican (casual): Mariscos German, Las Cuatro Milpas
                12. Best Mexican (fine dining): Hacienda de Vega
                13. Best Neighborhood Restaurant:: not my hood but love Longhorns and Waterfront
                14. Best New Restaurant (casual): Tender Greens
                15. Best New Restaurant (fine dining): Suite and Tender
                16. Best Pizza: Basic
                17. Best Seafood (casual): Point Loma Seafood for chowder, calamari & scallop sandwich...Crab Catcher happy hour for the crab bisque and the mussels.
                18. Best Seafood (fine dining): Oceanaire
                19. Best Steakhouse (casual): I haven't had a steak in 30 years..HH at C-Star
                20. Best Steakhouse: DH loves Donovan's
                21. Best Sunday Brunch: Tom Ham's Lighthouse..hee hee
                22. Best Sushi: Sushi Ota, Kaito
                23. Best Wine Bar: Wine Steals

                These are some of my fav' flames.
                ; )