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Apr 23, 2009 10:43 PM

Alton Brown's Glove

On his show he wore a special glove for protection when he used a mandolin. I recently bought a Benriner mandolin and Sur La Table didn't know what I was talking about when I asked if they sold such a thing. Does anyone know the brand he used and where to purchase? Thank you.

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  1. Try a restaurant supply store. Just ask for cut-resistant gloves for a mandolin and they'll point you the right way.

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          I just looked at the site; did you get the polar bear one or the other one? I guess I'll only need one, not two.

          1. re: walker

            I got the PawGuard and I got a pair. They were a bit cheaper a few years ago when I got mine but are well worth the money. When I'm just cutting a few things on the mandoline I just freehand it and then grab the food holder when I get down to the last inch or so. When I have alot of stuff to cut, I don't even pull out the food holder and just pull on a glove. They are also useful when you are butchering large pieces of meat.

            I have the Rapala Fillet glove that I use on the boat when I'm cutting fish but the PawGuard is a higher quality glove. For filleting on the boat I don't care since the gloves get soaked in salt water and impregnated with fish guts. After awhile they get very stiff even if you rinse them very well. The Ansell gloves are much 'softer' and provide a more comfortable fit but are too expensive to use on the boat.


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              Thanks, everyone. I ordered and rec'd the PawGuard (got one) was $25, including shipping. Got the small and fits fine.

      1. He specifically mentioned that it was a Kevlar glove - Amazon sells them. Just search for "kevlar glove" and you'll find a dozen variations.

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          DrGaellon, you were very observant to catch the name of that glove. Good going!

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            Do you think this is a good substitute for the rather expensive "oyster" gloves that are out there? Those run about $100, so I have held off thus far.

          2. Kevlar is a material not a brand, bullet proof vests and some bike tires include kevlar. Go to Wally World and in the fishing department get a Rapala fish filet glove. Cost about $12 or go to William Sonoma and pay $30 for the same exact glove.

            1. Agreed about getting one at a sporting goods store. A lot cheaper. I use one for filleting fish. Holds the slimy little buggers down. Remember, they are cut RESISTANT, not CUT PROOF.

              1. You can get them at sporting goods stores because they are necessary when skinning and filleting fish.