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Apr 23, 2009 10:11 PM

Looking for farm to table restaurant in Nola!

Hi there! I'm looking for an organic or farm to table restaurant in Nola. I read that Luke uses a farm for most of their produce but is there anywhere else? Also, don't shoot me but, we're looking for a place that serves modern cuisine...not heavy "nola" type. Is that hard to find in the more upscale places? We're thinking Stella perhaps but I've read some not so great reviews about them. Basically our diets, due to allergies and such, can be rather restrictive so are looking for more of an upscale "healthy" high end restaurant. Perhaps we're going to the wrong! Mucho thanks!

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  1. mila is probably your best bet. there is not much of a "farm to table" movement in Nola (the climate here isn't as supportive of this style of restaurant as in NY or CA).

    1. Besh has a farm and presumably uses his farm-raised stuff in all of his restaurants. He probably doesn't exclusively use his own stuff, but around here it's probably the closest you'll get. Luke, August, La Provence, Besh Steak House are all his restaurants. August does modern takes on louisiana dishes so it might be the closest to your requirements.

      As far as style goes, Stella is probably closest to what you're looking for. It's modern cuisine with little to no new orleans/louisiana/southern influence and even less local ingredients. They even have shark fin broth on the menu. (I was really turned off by that after I was assured by the waiter that they were the "real thing imported from asia" aka the result of finning.) Mila is modern southern food so I'm not sure it fits your bill. I really like it though.

      Link to a video about Besh's farm:

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        im also turned off by Stella's shark fine soup. ive emailed them to inquire but heard nothing in return.

        other than that, i have enjoyed Stella the couple times ive tried it. sure there may be some bad reviews, but there is absolutely no restaurant in the city w/o them on here...everything being objective, and all..

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          Chef Besh was probably the first chef to get press for this aspect of his recipes, to my knowledge. Going back to pre-K days, I was introduced to his local "sourcing," and the dishes were very good. This has not been my universal experience, as many restaurants around the globe tout their "farm to table" supply line, only to serve really poor food. Still, many will find pleasure in the method, and overlook the end result. In my experince, Chef Besh is one, who delivers.

          Maybe I am just not as contentious as many, but to me, the proof is on the plate, or in the glass, in regards to "green" wines, and I do not mean ViƱhos Verdes. Chef Besh has delivered on the plate.


        2. check out Iris NOW in the Bienville House in the FQ.

          Iris Restaurant
          8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

          1. Going to second Mila. They work with a farmer on the Northshore who supplies, I believe it is all, the produce used by the restaurant. And they have some very inventive takes, plating and techniques on Southern food standbys. Give them a try.

            1. For modern cuisine +1 Mila

              For farm to table LaProvence in's a John Besh restaurant.