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Apr 23, 2009 08:29 PM

quiet interesting dinner in chelsea or points south

or in park slope-fort green

where we won't need a reservation for tomoorow (Fri) night, or can get one by calling a few hours ahead. thanks in advance!-Dan

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  1. How many people, what budget, what kind of cuisine, and are you willing to wait when you get there?

    It may be difficult to get "quiet" and "no reservation required on a Saturday night" in the same place as "interesting"; Quartino on Bleecker just west of Bowery (Italian/organic) is the only one I can think of, though the bar at Otto can do if you drop "quiet". In Brooklyn, maybe Taro (best sushi in Brooklyn) on Flatbush, Al di La on 5th Ave. in Park Slope (phenomenal, no reservations, but you'll certainly have quite a wait), or Little D or Beer Table, on 7th Ave. in South Slope.

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      Thanks. Tonight, actually. 4 people. $50ish per person tops with wine. Quiet more impt. than interesting. These are all good suggestions.