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Apr 23, 2009 07:55 PM

Prettiest Garden Spot?

We would like to celebrate our son's high school graduation with a Saturday lunch in a pretty outdoor/garden/terrace location. It's going to be a wide age range (young children to grandma) so the cuisine (not exotic) and location (not too hard to locate) has to be suitable for a range of tastes and not impossible for parking (meaning garages nearby), because relatives will be driving in from the burbs. Maybe $25-30 pp? I'm liking Bottino in Chelsea, so any ideas along those lines would be very welcome. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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  1. St Bart's has a lovely outdoor cafe. It's been a few years since I last visited but it may suit your needs, though I'm not familiar wtih Bottino to be able to compare.

    1. you'll have to double-check prices & capacity, but some places to consider:

      Bryant Park Grill
      I Trulli
      New Leaf Cafe
      Maria Pia

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        I Coppi in the East VIllage has a lovely garden

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            Have you been to I Coppi recently? I have not. Brunch was better then dinner, garden is lovely. Read it was not as good as it used to be and there was a change in chef. I think posts were on this Board. Appreciate thoughts and recent experiences. Would like to return.

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          I Trulli does not serve lunch on Saturday. As for Bryant Park Grill, though the setting is lovely, the food leaves a whole lot to be desired.

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            I've had decent salads at Bryant Park Grill. I've also had a horrible turkey burger. If you stick with salads you might be okay. Probably not the best food choice for a celebration lunch.


        2. We had a lovely dinner in the private patio at Bottino's, highly recommended!

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                not sure if you're still trying to make a decision, but there's a new list of top garden spots on the Zagat website: