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Apr 23, 2009 07:44 PM

Weekend Dining in Calgary

When I say weekend I mean Saturday morning to Monday afternoon. Any good must-try places in Calgary? Perferably, but not necessarily, anything asian. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc...

Sadly I'm going with a group of friends who probably won't be up for fine dining, so something where we can attend dressed casually would be preferred.

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  1. Try Wa's japanese restaurant. They are on centre street and 1/2 block north of 16th avenue N.W. They have great, fresh sushi, great donburi and decent tonkatsu. Call to make reservations as they are very busy on the weekends. Yes, they are casual dining too.

    1. Chili Club Thai House would be my vote.

      And I second Wa's. Their sushi is awesome.

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        Sylv I'll back these two suggestions up :)

      2. Delicious Thai in Kensington gets my nod as does Thai-sa-on downtown on 10th Ave. If you do venture out of the asian kitchens I recommend Niko's in Kensington for great Italian in a casual environment.