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Apr 23, 2009 07:36 PM

Eric Ripert Interviewed By Anthony Bourdain

I always thought Ripert was one of the most reserved and diplomatic "celebrity" chefs around but in this clip he UNLOADS on Gordan Ramsay. I'm not sure what brought this on, there has to be a backstory. I wish I knew what it was but regardless it's worth watching.

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  1. Ramsey is ok in his UK shows, just has to over exaggerate for the US audience. Ripert says he is badly influencing chefs to be but I don't think anyone interested in the food business is taking any of his US shows seriously.

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    1. re: Evilbanana11

      Hasn't Bourdain himself made these exact points everytime Ramsey comes up? That Gordon is a good dude/Brit shows are good/US food tv sucks. Should be an interesting interview - can't wait to listen: it's on my iPod for the ride home tonite!

      1. re: Evilbanana11

        I've only seen the UK shows, and Ramsey's shtick comes across to me as passive-aggressive (ok, more aggressive than passive), ugly, and unentertaining.

        On the other hand, while I was initially put off by Ripert's "plasticy", arrogant-seeming appearance, he has been impressing me more and more each time I see him. The Bourdain interview is just another case in point. I thought he was spot on.

      2. Thanks for the link. I thought it was an honest and thoughtful assessment. I've enjoyed some of Gordon's British shows, but won't watch the American show.

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        1. re: bear

          If I was Eric Ripert I'd spend a lot of time looking in the mirror too! Delish.

          Seriously though, I think ER missed something (that I think I've heard Bourdain actually bring up before): Gordon gets away with berating the shit out of the contestants because he really isn't stunting anyone's carrer - they're not really good enough to be chefs - they're just fodder for reality tv, and are happy just for the chance to be on tv.

          I betcha Gordon thinks the audience should figure out that it's OTT reality tv given how cheesy the graphics and stuff are, as well as how hyperbolic it is compared to all his other productions (even more so than the US Kitchen Nightmares) and that we enjoy hanging in the balance - partly enjoying the melodrama and partly being into cooking - something for everyone (but consequently a buncha empty calories really).

          1. re: Sui_Mai

            I don't agree that Ramsey is not being taken seriously in the food business, Evilbannana11. He's clearly attracting a lot of working class cooks to his show. Not more middle class types - like Bourdain - trained at expensive cooking schools like CIA. He's getting people that work in school cafeterias, chain restaurants, and industrial catering - who are not really breathing the rarefied air of the foodie set. Many are young. Many are from poor families. Many have talent, some are clearly (and often cruelly) on Hell's Kitchen for comic relief.

            These folks really seem to look up to Ramsey as their guide to how to comport themselves in the kitchen of a fine dining establishment. So if they see him abuse his staff, I do believe that many of them - and many future chefs in the audience - will assume that is indeed the right way to behave. And that seems a pity.

            1. re: jpramas

              I nearly agreed with you until the part you typed, "Many have talent". If you pick 12 random people off the street you could probably find as many "talented" chefs as you see on Hell's Kitchen

              1. re: KTinNYC

                ooo ... claws out ... meow ...


                1. re: KTinNYC

                  And yet - there was Waffle House Julia (and one or two others) that did have potential. What did HK do to (or for) their careers?

          2. Is Eric the same chef that somehow A.B. was involved with getting Eric 'blackballed' on the F.N.?