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Apr 23, 2009 07:36 PM

Gena Cantina?

Anyone been here? It's in Millersville. Just looking for a place for a beer or two and some apps....does this fit the bill? Or would we be better off hitting Rams Head Road House Tavern in Crownsville?

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  1. It's Gina's with an I. I think that would work well for you, it makes a better bar than a restaurant. Still, I really like their house fried tortilla chips and queso.

    1. Gina's is ok, but I would go to Rams Head if there's a choice between the two. There's also Hella's on Veterans Hwy.

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      1. re: SGI

        I like them both. Gina's has a special funky feel to it that I really like. Tacos there are a good deal to go with drinks. Try the "pelican briefs" AKA fish tacos. Margaritas are top notch too (and deadly). Ram's Head on Defense Hwy is oriented more to the draft microbrews and heavier dining (still a casual/sports bar feel).

        1. re: JRCann

          I believe Gina's also has outdoor seating to go with the Corona's/margarita's. It depends what feel you're going for.