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Apr 23, 2009 07:25 PM

West Indian roti places?

Hi all, I transplanted from NYC to the Bay area and am craving West Indian roti, the kind where there's chickpea flour between two layers of the roti skin...

Does anyone know of any places that serve a good roti? It sounds like from some old posts that many restaurants have gone out of business.

I'm in the Palo Alto area but am willing to travel for good roti!

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  1. I too was awaiting a response but guess the absence of any means there aren't any places.

    I am in the Sacramento region and used to travel to Telegraph Ave in the Oakland area for really good roti but the owner sold the place several years ago to some folks who by law should stay at least 100 yards from curry, chickpea, meat and roti skins.

    1. I know a couple of places with good roti, but your description of *west indian* style throws me off. I have never had roti like that. I think what I get is closer to Malaysian. The roti that I order is usually like a juicy paratha with a certain sauce. I'm fond of Thai Basil's roti, on Folsom in SF. In greater palo alto, Tamerine PA; Shiok MP have roti - Tamerine's is a little fusion-y, Shiok I can't vouch for.

      If I was going to offer a suggestion: you can't go home again.

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        Here's the low down on West Indian Roti.

        A very different version with the same name. No doubt, it traveled with Indian migrants to the Caribbean.

        1. re: osho

          that sounds super good. If I ever see it, I'll order it.

      2. I know exactly what you're looking for, but unfortunately haven't found this in Bay Area.

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          Daniel,a rasta from Trinidad,who's usually at the Ashby Flea Market in Berkeley on Sat and Sun,makes a wicked shrimp,or chana and aloo,or chicken roti,Trini style.Fresh and delicious.

          1. re: casalbore spirit

            Thanks! Will check it out when I'm in town later this month.

        2. You mean like Annie's Roti House on Rockaway Blvd!

          1. The few restaurant that use to sell authentic West Indian Roti has closed due to economic hardship. Carribean Palace in Oakland, Penny's in Berkeley. However, as mentioned Daniel's Caribbean kitchen a traveling kitchen that is a regular at Ashby's Flea market does sell a good curry and dalpouri. Also, consider checking out West Indian Bay Area Professional (WIBAP) or JAANC for more restaurants or events that serve this food. Best of luck.