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Apr 23, 2009 06:51 PM

Chinese Style Spare Ribs

I'd appreciate all recommendations on places in Boston to dine on delicious Chinese style spare ribs.

Don't get me wrong, my first love in the spare rib catgegory is "smoked"...but I am diversifying.

Thank you.

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  1. They are pricey but the portion is huge (enough for dinner for two if you add a veggie) and they are the best chinese ribs I've had - you can find them at Golden Temple in Brookline, and they are called Golden Temple Special Ribs

    1. When you say Chinese Style Spare Ribs are you referring to the red, sweet, meaty ribs served in the Americanized Chinese restaurants? If so, the Golden Temple Ribs are very good but a bit expensive at about $19 the last time I was there. If you mean the authentic small pieces of ribs in black bean sauce served as dim sum then any of the dim sum restaurants in Chinatown will serve these.

      1. The Chinese BBQ places all carry them I think. Last time I got some at Kantin at Super 88 in Allston and they were great. I like these better than the "American Chinese" versions like those at Golden Temple, more of the true Chinese flavors.

        1. Well...the following are great recommendations for ribs, but mind you they're petite portions - just a couple of bites, but really good:
          1- From O-ya - delish, fingerliking, but pricey
          2- From Chang & Mayers - awesome, I believe tea-smoked, out of this world
          3- From any good Chinese joint from C-town to Quincy + Super 88's food court in Allston - in the authentic side

          1. the fried garlic spareribs at Best Little Restaurant in CTown are my current craving.

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              The menu has "Spareribs with garlic sauce" Is that what you are referring to? What is so good about them?

              1. re: robertlf

                they are dry-fried with little garlic bits. crunchy on the outside tender on the inside.
                quite addictive.