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Apr 23, 2009 06:51 PM

Pie crust made with melted butter?

A friend remembers making a fail proof pie crust with melted butter and refrigerated overnight. This technique goes against every other pie crust recipe that I've ever seen or tried. Unfortunately, she can recall the exact recipe-has anyone else run across a pie crust recipe which use melted (instead of ice cold) butter?

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  1. I suspect any pie crust using oil could be made with melted butter. However oil ones tend to be mealy, as opposed to flaky. I don't know what the chilling time would do to the texture.

    1. There's this recipe and a lot of similar ones like it on the Internet. It uses melted butter and it doesn't need to be rolled. Never made it myself.

      1. Absolutely can the dough be made with melted butter and it tastes great. I don't remember the exact recipe and would appreciate somebody sending it in to CHOW so that I may be able to print it BEFORE Thanksgiving. Thanks everybody. M.