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Apr 23, 2009 06:29 PM

silver dragon

hey guys .i get to go with some friends for dim sum and other stuff ,i would like to know whats good to anything,sundays the day and im looking forward.ill probably try the xlb(its called something different every where,whats it called there?)and id like to try chicken feet(or duck feet ,any difference?)but i need more suggestions more ,more as i have not much exp with this cuisine.also dosent have to be dim sum as i will order takeout for work on monday.thanks in advance

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  1. sorry thats for calgary

    1. Chicken feet are from chicken ... and duck feet are from ducks ;o) The duck feet are my favorite - think of Chinese bbq duck, but lots of chewy skin and cartilage. The chicken feet aren't as heavily spiced, but they are Mr. S's fave.

      My other fave is steamed soy chicken with chinese sausage (lup cheng -- much like pepperoni) on rice with shitake mushroom. This is not the sticky rice in leaves, but served in a bowl with a lid. They don't have this all the time, but if you ask, they sometimes will have them made up in the kitchen for you. Another thing you may want to try is the deep-fried taro -- taro root wound with noodles or flaky coating and deep fried. Taro is like a very starchy sweet potato, sort of purplish in color.

      Another thing that westerners don't try to often is the Chieng Fun -- a thin rice pancake that is steamed and then rolled around fillings -- you can have shrimp, bbq pork, or beef varieties. Also, the steamed tofu skin wrapped around bamboo shoot and shitake mushroom (can't remember what it's called).

      For dessert, try the Au Foo Fah -- a sweet tofu dessert with almond flavoring and fruit cocktail in it.

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        duck feet from ducks way .smart i ment taste wise but thanks for the recs .sould be a good time ,i heard there might be quite the wait for a table tho

        1. re: howlin

          It's a timing thing. We were there on the Easter weekend on Saturday and walked straight in at around 12:30. Maybe everyone was waiting to go out for dim sum on Easter Sunday.

          1. re: howlin

            You will have a great time! Just have the girl show you what she has, and if it looks ok, try it! you may be pleasantly surprised.

            Sundays are crazy as many Asians work 6 days a week -- it's traditional to get the family together on Sundays. If you go around 10:00 am it won't be too bad.

        2. I think duck feet is chewier. For sure go early unless you like lining up.

          Jun Jiu Gi Sticky rice
          Di Gee Gow variation on Hai Gaw .. It has an addition of scallop.
          ngow bac yeep ---Tripe is adventurous. That's chewy too.