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All you can eat crab legs-MSP

Does anyone know where you can get all you can eat crab legs in the MSP area?

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  1. Crave has all you can eat Prime Rib & Crab Legs for $24.99 on Sunday nights. I went to the Edina location in Galleria.............everything was good except for the side of fettucini alfredo. I believe they also opened a second location in the MOA.

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      They are also advertising another Sunday special of Rotisserie Chicken and Jumbo fried shrimp for $14.95. Did you see that on the menu and was it also AYCE?

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        I did see that on the menu and asked about it but was told that it is not AYCE.

    2. Crave at Mall of America - they used to be at Galleria. On Sunday's they have all you can eat snow crab and prime rib.

      1. Not the most amazing meal of your life, but AYCE snow crab legs for $26.95 on Friday nights nevertheless: Bennett's Chop & Railhouse on West 7th in St. Paul. Nice people. They try really hard. Very low-key.


        1. This came up a few years ago. Don't know if the info is still current, but here's the thread:


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            I haven't eaten the crab legs there-but I know Axel's Charhouse (the chain) has all you can snow crab legs for $25 including salad or soup, vegetable and potato choice.

            I've not eaten at the Roseville one but have eaten at the Axel's Bonfire on Grand Avenue and while it IS a chain-it reminds me of Redstone - there are a few decent choices there (I've had the macadamia nut crusted mahi-mahi) and it was pretty good.

          2. Cherokee in Eagan still does them Wednesday nights. I've been going a couple times a year for years and the quality is exactly the same. It's kind of an old-school supper club vibe as well. Cedar Ave and Cliff Road.

            1. Not an endorsement but Jake's Sports Bar in New Brighton has them Monday nights 5-9 per their outdoor sign.

              Jake's Sports Cafe
              790 County Road D W, Saint Paul, MN 55112

              1. Bennett's Chop and Rail house on W 7th has it on Friday evenings, with snow crab.

                Cherokee Sirloin Room in WSP is Wednesdays, .

                St Croix Crab House in Stillwater was either Tuesday or Thursday, I think; it's been a while. They do snow, dungeness, and perhaps King, as well. (You can mix and match)

                Big Ten Supper Club in Arden Hills does Saturday night, I think.

                1. I'm not a crab person, but did eat at the Crab House a few years ago. It's just north of 694 on Central Avenue, just north of Medtronic and that lake.

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                    The Crab House has been closed since last fall. The owner was charged with non-payment of taxes in federal court.


                    The food was pretty bad and the dining room was empty but the bar was full.

                  2. 98 Pound Buffet has them on Friday nights. The casinos also often have them at their buffets.

                    1. CHubby and I decided to eat at Axel's in Roseville on Tues for hubby's 32nd birthday. He loves crab legs and we wanted to stay close to home. I know it's a chain but it was actually pretty good.

                      Our service was prompt and friendly, knowledgable about the mediocre wine selection, hubby enjoyed his dirty dirty martinis and take home boxes and the check came without a real wait.

                      We went about 7:00 - do not be thrown off by the fact that the parking lot is full. We thought there would be a huge wait. None at all and the restaurant was 1/3 empty. Parking lot was probably full for the Radisson.

                      It is a much older crowd than Axel's on Grand..which caters mainly to late 20s-early 40s. Axel's in Roseville caters to business people and people mainly in their later 40s, early 50s. The bar was a 30s-50s crowd.

                      We started with the seared ahi tuna appetizer. YUM. Quickly seared and a nice deep pink for the middle. I believe we received 10 slices? Crusted nicely with white and black sesame seeds, plentiful ginger, wasabi and a teriyaki-type dipping sauce that was slightly sweet with a bit of sharp tang -presented on frisee and mixed greens. $12. I had can handle that and we gobbled it right up.

                      For $25, my husband chose the soup (chicken wild rice) over a salad. I ordered wedge. Blue cheese dressing was good to better. The chicken wild rice soup is the best rendition I've ever had. More stew-like, lots of rice and chicken and flavorful. There is a small black pepper grinder is provided at your table. Much better than standard shaker pepper.

                      After our soup and salad (I ordered spicy chicken penne pasta with sun dried tomato and basil pesto cream sauce)...ok. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 5. Not spicy, too much parmesan cheese and the pesto didn't come through as much as I had hoped.

                      We received oversized popovers. I never knew. They were good and crusty but not warm as I had hoped. Came with a side of vanilla/butter/cinnamon type spread.

                      Crab legs came and were good according to Hubby. Along with fries (choice of potato) and green beans..which were good, but doused in too much EVOO and steamed a little too long.

                      Overall, would go back. For that price, you get more bang for the buck than getting them at coastal.

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                        I like those popovers, too, but you're right, they have to be hot. Is the Roseville location the only one that does the popovers? I don't think I've seen them at Grand Ave or that other one (what is that, Mendota Heights? )


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                          TDQ - I seriously think it's only Roseville. When I've met girlfriends at the one on Grand Ave, I've never seen a popover anywhere. I also know that this chain houses three varieties-Axel's Charhouse, Axel's Bonfire and another name? So I don't know if that is the diff. Roseville one is a charhouse, one on Grand is a Bonfire? I've also been to the one up in Blaine off Lexington and that is a bonfire-no popovers.

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                            Very confusing, all these loosely related charhouses and bonfires and such! Well, I like the popovers, so I shall stick to Roseville for my popover fix, until there's a confirmed sighting elsewhere. :).


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                          Is the crab a special on Tuesday nights only, or is it available all the time?

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                            Quince- it's Tuesday nights only at the Axel's Charhouse in Roseville. I know there are other Axel's but I would call any other specific location to see if they have it 1) at all and 2) which day.

                        3. I have not been personally...I have heard Running Aces in the NE Metro (just south of Forest lake) has a good seafood buffet including crab legs.


                          1. The Uptown Drink. Wednesday nights 5-9 $19.95

                            1. Cuzzy's Bar in Minneapolis North Loop.

                              On Wednesday's 1lb @ 11.95 with Potato and Salad. You then order each additional 1lb for like 4 or 5 dollars.