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Apr 23, 2009 05:59 PM

Thoughts on Con Gracia in Barcelona, anyone?

Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions on Con Gracia in Barcelona? It is highly recommended on various sites through out the internet. I am considering it to enjoy a sit down dinner while in Barcelona for three nights, is this a good choice? Any other recommendations would be appreciated that are in the 50 euro per person price range, will be there end of June.


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  1. I have just returned from Barcelona yesterday. I went there on a Thursday night. The food was quite simply divine. I have tried various Michelin star restaurants in the past and none of them except Lucas Carton was able to match the quality of its food. It was so good that I went back there for lunch on Friday as I really wanted to try other dishes. In total, I have tried 10 dishes and out of that 9 dishes were of exceptional quality and the remaining one was very good. I then went to Alkimia for dinner on the same night and just as I feared, the food quality there did not even come close to Con Gracia. It is such a travesty that this restaurant is not more well known and recognised.

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      I'm going tonight...will report back!