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Apr 23, 2009 05:42 PM

Breakfast near Wynnefield Heights (Philadelphia)

I'm meeting my sister for breakfast tomorrow- she is in Philadelphia for the Penn Relays and is staying at the Crowne Plaza on Presidential Blvd. The map says the neighborhood is Wynnefield Heights.

I'm from DC and totally unfamiliar with the area-- is there a good spot for breakfast (like 10am) tomorrow in that area? I have a car, but probably don't want to drive too far. Thanks!!

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  1. Murray's and Hymies are a 5-minute drive on Montgomery Ave... Delancy Street Bagels is in the Shopping Center a block away.

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      I would pick Delancy Street Bagels. Drive up City avenue towards St. Joe's - Delancy St is in the Shopping Ctr. on your left hand side that has an Olive Garden & a Lord and Taylor.

      Their pizza bagel and the breakfast bagel (bacon, egg, cheese on a bagel) are wonderful.