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Apr 23, 2009 05:16 PM

AnJu Calgary

I noticed a thread on this place from a while back, but nobody talked about the food! Thought I'd start a new discussion.

Korean "tapas" spot open since December, in the little house on the west end of downtown that keeps changing hands. It was a coffee house for a while, before that it was a martini bar. Surrounded by vacant lots and new condos, it's not in the most vibrant of areas.

Okay, the skinny is, I've been to this place pretty much EVERY NIGHT for the last week and it just keeps getting better. Open late, cool space, delicious food and nice owners/staff. The food is downright addictive. Highlights include calamari with kaffir lime aioli, a kimchee and pork belly soup that I can't stop ordering, and rice noodles with sweet chili glaze (nothing like what you'd expect... just order it!!) and tasty tasty yam fries that demand a second order.

If you're one of those people who looks for late night options, GO THERE. If you aren't, GO THERE. It's awesome

507 10 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2B8, Canada
(403) 532-9419

open til midnight during the week
open til 2 on weekends

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  1. I have to agree. I ate there 3 times last week. I love the hot stone bowls. Price is good, too.

    1. oooh can't wait! Going there at the beginning of May for a wine event .

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      1. re: cmanten

        i signed up for the wine event too!! can't wait

      2. We are going to try Korean for the first time this week. My question about this place is: we have a 6 month old, is there space for him? By cool space, do you mean meant for adults only? He doesn't eat yet, and can just sit on our lap, but would this be a great choice?

        The other place we were considering was Seoul

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        1. re: HBOO

          If this is your first time trying Korean food, don't go to Anju.
          Plus you have a 6 month old, Anju is more for 20-40 crowd. Babies would not be a good fit.

          I would suggest try the regular Korean restaurants like Seoul or Koreana.

          1. re: HBOO

            There are child seats available.

          2. I think it depends what time of day you go. If you go early, it's probably ok but I did not see any child seats, so I don't think they plan for this. You are better to go to the restaurant in the little strip mall beside Community Foods on 10 Av SW

            1. First visit to Anju today, lunch, and am so glad I finally tried it! I arrived at around 11:30 and the very nice, gracious owner (her name is Anh) told me that the chef would be coming in around 15 minutes- same thing as happened on my first attempt for an early lunch, but this time I said, "well, let's chat!" and we did- she told me that she and her husband (Roy) are the owners, that business has been good, and we got to talk a bit about the menu... Roy showed up a few minutes later and I ordered one of the "An Ju" (there are several different plates; "An Ju" would be like tapas or appies; there are "sides" for a buck or two incl things like extra rice and kimchi; there are noodle bowls, there are stone bowls, there are "mains," there are deserts and there is a superb and interesting drinks menu too though I only had the delicious house-made, lightly sweet iced tea) and a bowl of ramen. Now the an ju I ordered was the "file fish" which was a sort of fish jerky in a little bowl, and a ramekin of Korean pepper paste to dip it into- this was a revelation, with the sweet-savory taste of a good jerky with a side of pleasant (really) fishiness, the pieces are thin and translucent too, and the whole experience of eating this little pile of morsels was completely bizarre and foreign to me but interesting and delicious. $5.

              My ramen had interesting and tasty spins too. The ramen noodles, I must first note, were delicious, nice texture. These were in a kimchi-accented broth (and their kimchi is house-made and LOVELY) with plentiful slices of pork belly and the whole thing was topped with a dollop of creme fraiche. Amazing- my only complaint was that I'd have liked more kimchi, more bit to counter how very smoothed-out the creme made the bowl, but that's a minor quibble and I loved this item. At dinner this would have come with kimchi on the side anyway so my complaint is minor. $13.

              Lunch was $20 with the iced tea ($2 and bottomless!) and it was a treat to have the place to myself (one reason why I always dine early or late, for lunch at least) and to be able to chat with owners who are doing such a briliant job in uncharted waters bringing something truly new to this city. Let's hope it continues to pay off!