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Apr 23, 2009 04:12 PM

Anything nice to eat in Archway? London

For the next six months I'll be working one day per week in Archway. On first glance it seems to be a culinary desert.

Please prove me wrong.

[NB I already know about Crystal, The Thai restaurant down Holloway Road and The Parsee up on Highgate Hill]

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  1. The Parsee is closed -- it's now a pizzeria. In that area, I like 500 (Italian, pasta dishes are excellent), St John's (a gastropub, unrelated to the nose to tail place in Clerkenwell) and Cafe del Parc (Moorish tapas, with big bold flavours). There are at least Ethiopian places nearby, but have only been to Lalibela a few years ago (liked it a lot), haven't been to Queen of Sheba.

    1. Wow Loobcom, you're getting all the glamorous gigs at the moment what with Hendon and now Archway :-)

      500 is definitely a welcome addition to Archway's culinary wasteland although I wasn't as impressed as Limster. Poor quality bread, OK chicken liver pate (badly proportioned dish though), disappointing pappardelle alla cinghiale (good actual pasta but the wild boar ragu was a poor rendition - watery, under-seasoned and the meat itself, from Spain, somewhat bland + lacking a true gamey flavour). Saving grace was an outstanding home made tangerine sorbet as well as pleasant service.

      I would recommend walking just under 1 mile (or jump on C11 bus) to the impressive Bull & Last gastropub on Highgate Road, one of the new wave of gastropubs (along with places like the Harwood Arms) that seems to be re-inventing and upgrading the genre. Nice atmosphere at lunchtime, mob scene in the evenings.

      Further down Holloway Road, there are a couple of South American options (El Rincon Quiteno and Colombia Panaderia) that I haven't tried and haven't seen commented upon on this board, perhaps you'd care to be the guinea pig :-)

      Oh I read about this Central Asian/Kazakh place also on Holloway Road that sounds interesting and seems to have gotten some decent reviews on online forums for London's Kazakh community -

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        ............and Leeds!

        Bull and Last sounds good. Thanks for rec!

      2. Green Lanes is also surprisingly close. Just a hair over walking distance. There you have Muna's and a whole lot of other places ranging from Eritrean to Bangladeshi with Lebanese in between.

        1. St. John or The Junction maybe?

          I've been to both Lalibela and Queen of Sheba. I liked Lalibela better. Although Queen of Sheba is so small an intimate, it's nice as well.

          If the Thai place you're talking about is Nid Ting...I thought it was just OK. Other people love it though so I don't know.