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Apr 23, 2009 04:05 PM

DC Coast or Equinox

I'm being taken out to dinner and was given the choice of these two places. Which would you choose in terms of food and why? I tend to be a seafood and veg type of girl. DC Coast might seem like the obvious choice but Equinox looks like they have quite a bit of seafood dishes, too.

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  1. easy, equinox, if it's on someone else's tab. you can always go to lunch with somebody at dc coast and foot the bill yourself no problem. equinox is special :)

    1. I would choose Equinox....especially since you like vegetables. Everything is fresh and seasonal at at littlew1ng says if someone else is taking you and they are offering up Equinox, I would go with that.

      It's one of my favorite restaurants in DC. It might not have the same type of "scene" like Proof or Central but in my opinion its some of the best cooking in DC. I've also enjoyed their seafood items in the past as well.

      1. Equinox - great use of local vegetables. Enjoy.

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          Equinox it is. Thanks for the advice! Any suggestions for dishes for those of you who have been there recently and had some of the current menu (I love seafood and veggies).