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LCBO Deals 2009

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Since the other thread seems to describe only "new" deals, I thought I'd start this new one as I couldn't find another.

So, looking for deals from LCBO for anything really, but mostly wines.

Let's hear about them if you've found them.....

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    1. There's still a few bottles of Cherry Marnier available, marked down from $47 to $31. Check http://www.vintages.com/ for store locations.

        1. Yeah, I do go to U.S. and bring back wines, but for someone who drinks a glass or so every night, we run out pretty quickly.

          And, when I began this thread, I was hoping to get some true "deals". While I often purchase $50+ wines, those are not what I consider deals. These days there are many more options in the $10, $20, and $30 range than ever before and I was hoping those that had tried them and enjoyed them could tell us.

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            If a cheap house wine is what you're after, I find Cawarra shiraz cabernet (too) yummy at $11.00 a bottle.

          2. I haven't tried it yet but this was recently released - ROCCA DELLE MAC√ĆE CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2004. $24.95

            The 1997 was superb and I just had my last one on Easter weekend :(.
            I've always had good ones from them and 2004 was a good year for the region. Hopefully it adds up.

            1. Great idea, FoodyGirly! I'm hoping JamieK ponies up some ideas...

              1. Not really in the bargain realm, but I picked up a bottle of 2004 Domaine Schlumberger Gewurztraminer that is truly an exemplary wine. Queens Quay store - normally $78, now $56. Believe me, at this price, this wine is a bargain. Try it with seared tuna and a chilled cucumber soup. You'll thank me.

                1. I don't know that this is much of a tip, since it seems to be quite popular (especially with the current Spain/Portugal promotion), but the Gazela Vinho Verde is currently $7.95 and goes nicely with a sunny deck, served very cold.