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Apr 23, 2009 03:54 PM

creme brulee cart -- reports?

First taco trucks, then the magic curry cart, and now the creme brulee cart, tweeting its location and offerings. Like the magic curry cart, the creme brulee cart apparently roams the Mission / Dolores Park area.

Anyone try them yet?

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  1. So, has anyone tried the creme brulee cart yet?

    And an ice cream/cookie cart may be in the works too from

    1. Yes, I had to find out through twitter when and where. On that day he was at 19th and Linda, 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night, next to the tennis court, dead end street. $3.00 each. He torches it right there so you're get the crunchy sugar coating and it's in a foil container . It was smooth. He had plain vanilla, dark chocolate and white Russian. We only tried the first two. I liked the dark chocolate. You can actually see the vanilla bean with the vanilla. The curry cart was there along with the bouche and vietnamese spring roll cart. He actually tells you what flavors he has if you follow him on twitter.

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        Thanks, I'm glad to hear the vanilla bean is good. I'm a purist when it comes to cb and rarely llike any other flavors.

      2. I tried for the first time yesterday afternoon at Dolores Park. Looks like he generally hangs out on the Mission area alleys on the weeknights and at the park on the weekends. He was there around 3 p.m. yesterday and served Chocolate Grand Marnier, Bailey's, Vanilla Bean and White Russian.

        I tried the Bailey's and Vanilla Bean. Both had a really nice thin carmelized layer on top that he torches on the spot. The creme brulee is pretty cold because he keeps them packed in the ice box since, well, he's on the road. In terms of texture, it's really thick and rich. Initially I thought it was too rich, but I got used to it and liked it.

        As for the two I got, I have to say they were very close in flavor and I couldn't really tell the difference between the two. So don't get these two flavors at the same time. Try either one and another of his offerings. (I heard his chocolate is super thick, almost like a mousse, so that's why I shied away from getting it.)

        Cost is $3 and he hangs around tell he sells out. And yes, you have to twitter him to get alerts. (I'm posting more details on my blog later tonight.)

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          So even if you don't sign up to be one of his Twitter followers, you can still see all his Tweets just by bookmarking that URL, right?

          Also, has anyone assembled a comprehensive list of the new crop of Mission street food vendors (like the "amouse bouche guy")...? Because it seems like there are at least a few now.

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            Yes, that's true that you don't really need to sign up for twitter as long as you just visit the "home page" for that person.

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              Inspired by your post, I got this topic started:

              Hopefully we will get a running list going!