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Apr 23, 2009 03:51 PM

Lunch Downtown with picky guests

I'm taking some family out for lunch but there are restrictions: It has to be relatively quick (Hour and a half absolute maximum). My brother in law is very picky and eats plain things (wont eat cheese, mushrooms, etc etc) but he eats a lot so the portions need to be decent. It needs to be in the downtown core (stanley, st laurent, st catherine, pins boundaries). Not picky about price, or formality. Casual is fine, or nicer, whatever. Any ideas?

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  1. Nickels, on Ste Catherine near University?
    There's also the dreaded food courts...

    1. In this case, I would go with the standard chains: the Keg, Baton Rouge... both places are really busy during the week though so reservations in advance are a must. You might also want to check out the menu at Decca77, I hear it is great.

      1. L'avenue on Mount Royal has a pretty diverse menu. The portions are large and you can pretty much get just about anything. You can also take him to Beauties on Mount Royal which also has many options.The turnover is quite fast and friendly and the food is always good. Plus its one of those instituion restaurants in Mtl you cant go wrong with.
        I would deff suggest Beauties for lunch!!

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          Neither of these is in the downtown core, which the OP specified. And service at L'Avenue can be painfully slow, let alone the wait for a table...

          One suggestion in the downtown area is M:Brgr. Another would be Bofinger. Either should fit your criteria.

          1. re: Alyson777

            Hmm. Mont-Royal is quite a bit north of the strict boundary the OP specified.

            1. re: kpzoo

              And the resto's name is Beautys.

          2. Would plain things include Chinatown? Kam Fung seems a pretty safe bet.