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Apr 23, 2009 02:08 PM

St Paul-lunch for group

I am taking out a group of 8 people for lunch, nothing fancy, but fast. I don't want to do Punch in Highland or god forbid Champps on W 7th, but I'm looking for a good option for a wide range of tastes in that general area. We'd go as far as Cathedral Hill or up W 7th further. Need to keep it to $10-$12 per person.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I recently had a great meal at Il Vesco Vino on w. 7th near Xcel Energy. The prices are good and the food is Italian which usually accommodates most palettes. http://ilvescovino.com/

    Another great option with an affordable spread of offerings is LoTo. http://www.lotolifecafe.com/

    1. Cossetta's (also right by the Xcel - west 7th and Walnut, I think) is always a great lunch option and very affordable. Sandwiches, salad, pizza, many pasta entrees, etc. Served cafeteria-style, so you can get in and out pretty quick if need be.

      If you're going to be in Highland Park, I also love love love Cecil's Deli, but getting a table for 8 might be a touch of a wait if you are going right at noon. If you do go, get the Sheila's Special. Love it!

      1. M Street Cafe - in the St. Paul Hotel - has nice buffet, good sandwiches.

        1. M street Cafe has a nice buffet - aka "Sideboard" - and good sanwiches.