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Apr 23, 2009 01:57 PM

Finally! Another New Chinese Restaurant in San Gabriel

Seriously. I hadn't gone this long without trying a new Chinese restaurant since I was in intensive care almost 15 years ago. Thousand Flowers has taken over the space formerly occupied by Lu Din Gee and JZY, 1039 E. Valley in San Gabriel. on that insane stretch of Valley Blvd. where the address directly across the street is 8450 E. Valley in Rosemead. Thousand Flowers seems to be an upscale Sichuan style restaurant, upscale being defined by nice dark furniture and some fairly pricey offerings. Most of the items in the "Thousand Flowers Famous Dish" section run between $25 and $40, except for the $149 shark fin soup. Also some kind of sweet corn dessert costs $15. They also have Peking Duck which requires an hour's advance notification, at $32, $39 and $45 depending on the number of preparations. I don't particularly like Sichuan food, so I had the beef rolls, which were almost as good as 101 Noodle Express.

The good news is that the new restaurant drought appears to be ending. Building out new space is a new branch of Duck House, which will be opening in the old Newport Seafood location on Las Tunas and Mission. Diagonally across the street, behind Luscious Dumplings, will be Michell Pancakes, which looks like it might be a dumpling and bun place. There's also a new place about to open up in the former location of Red Corner on Las Tunas near San Gabriel. And there's a place called Ning Jie in the shopping center just across from San Gabriel Mission.

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  1. Would you or anybody know where Newport Seafood moved to?

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    1. re: selfportrait93

      Up the street, about 1/2 block east on Las Tunas.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        for the life of me, i couldn't find tan cang's location despite at least three tries in the area of las tunas (is it in a mini-mall or freestanding location, and visual landmarks where's it's located at).

        i must be on crack, my apologies all around.

        1. re: kevin

          I think it's in what used to be Marie Callender's.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            that new place sounds awesome, 135 dollar for shark fin soup, i remember a few years back JGold reviewd a restaurant that mentioned a 500 dollar dish, called Eight (?) of something?

            I got to get to the Peking Duck joint, Pearl Catering. Is Quanjuade still around, i heard that was the greatest Peking Duck in the San Gabriel Valley? I believe Triumphal Palace is long gone, correct?

            1. re: kevin

              Quanjude closed down many years ago. Apparently one of Triumphal Palace's owners bought out the other and continues to operate it under the name Lunasia.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                What happened to Lu Din Gee? I heard they were the best Peking Duck place after Quanjude closed. Never got there and now I regret it.

                1. re: happycat

                  They moved to Monterey Park and are operating under the name Duck House, at 501 S. Atlantic Bl. And as indicated above they're going to return to San Gabriel at the 835 W. Las Tunas location under the Duck House name.

    2. Your post title -- "Finally!..." -- is hysterically silly! I love it!

      And I see some new malls going up. Do you suppose, perhaps-maybe?, that this might mean a few more restaurants?

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      1. re: liu

        There was a Jazz Cat Cafe banner for a while in the new center across from Hawaii Supermarket on Valley Bl. Maybe San Gabriel will be more lenient than Alhambra on open flames.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          Specifically, there is a huge "mall" at the freeway and Atlantic; it is not complete enough to see what might be going in. I'm hoping for a few more dim sum places since there is no competition in that area...just kidding!

          1. re: liu

            Actually Atlantic Times Square looks to be stocking up on national chains such as Cold Stone, Chili's, Coffee Bean, La Salsa, Quizno's and Surf City squeeze to go with the theater complex and the 24 Hour Fitness.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              Truly, I was hoping for something very different!
              Thanks for this info. I'll just close my eyes as I pass and continue on my way to Elite.

      2. Hi Chandavkl,

        Great post. :) We can always count on you to find out when new SGV places are opening. :) Although hearing you and others talk about all those Boiling Crab / Vietnamese Cajun Clones opening up a few months ago and the endless amount of HK Cafes opening, it was actually good to get a breather for a while, no? :)

        For that new restaurant that replaced Lu Ding Ji (Pearl Catering), isn't it odd that a Sichuan restaurant is serving up Peking Duck? (I take that back... if Cantonese restaurants are serving "Peking Duck" well, I guess any other Province can as well. :) Thanks again.

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        1. re: exilekiss

          I was wondering about the Peking Duck myself. I'm guessing they're wanting to capture potential customers who thought they were going to Lu Din Gee. Kind of like when Tung Lai Shan went Taiwanese, but they kept the sesame bread on the menu (and the Zagat rated sticker).

        2. Thousand Flowers has apparently been gone for three months (I was wondering why there weren't any reviews anywhere), which means it was open probably between one and two months. (Good thing I took lots of memorabilia with me, as they're sure to be collectors items.) Update on successor to follow.