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Apr 23, 2009 01:44 PM

Restaurants Near Progressive Field, Cleveland

Hi there,

We're going to be in Cleveland to check out an Indians game this weekend. We'd like to get a bite to eat before the game. Any places you'd suggest that are close to the stadium? A place with a nice wine list would be ideal... going with my husband and my in laws.


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  1. Well, I was going to suggest a variety of sports bars or places to get bar food until you said nice wine list. That's kind of a horse of a different color. You could go to Lola, which is quite close (E 4th street), but it's expensive and reservations are required (however, it is fantastic IMO). You could park near the stadium and walk to the Warehouse District, which is on and around W 6th street, and go to D'Vine (wine bar, they serve tapas and things) or one of the upscale joints around there, Metropolitan might be reasonably priced with a good wine list. Johnny's and Blue Point are quite expensive but would also have a good wine list.

    If you can make do with a probably average wine list, maybe go somewhere casual like the Winking Lizard. It's quite close to the stadium, reasonably priced bar food and a large menu, I'm sure they have a variety of decent table wines, or you could try House of Blues or Flannery's pub.

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      I read a good review about Metropolitan under chef Herschmann. D'Vine just got a new chef and it sounds like they're going to become a little more ambitious with their food. I'm not sure how much of that will be apparent this soon.

      I'd recommend taking a bus (10 min, including waiting and walking) to Ohio City. (Taking our light rail will make the trip take 15 minutes due to a short walk.) Bar Cento is so named because it has a 100 strong wine list. I'm not a drinker myself but I think they're supposed to have a good one. They've got good pizzas and a small number of other entrees. You can also order from the Bier Markt's extensive beer selection if someone in your party is so inclined.

      Just across the street is The Flying Fig. I'm sure the chef has a wine list to match her food but I that's all that I can personally vouch for. The Flying Fig is one of the best restaurants in the city. They have a happy hour menu and a selection of small plates in addition to traditional apps and entrees.

      D'Vine Wine Bar
      836 W Saint Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH

    2. Try the new Greenhouse Tavern 3 doors down from Lola on E. 4th. The food is fabulous and they have a nice wine list. They also have a very interesting beer list and a nice Happy Hour.

      The Greenhouse Tavern
      2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115