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Five Guys (MSP) [Moved from Midwest Board]

Anyone been to the new Five Guys in Edina? I loved their burgers when I lived out in DC and hope they can recreate the magic here. I think they opened in the last 1-2 days, so I think it's a little early to drop by...

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  1. I know I am not in MSP - I am actually in Detroit. We just got our Five guys.

    I am now a very happy person. I loved their burgers...not the prettiest girl at the dance but she sure is dirty in ways I like. I even wrote home to mom!'

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      A Five Guys just opened up near Milwaukee, too. I've heard much about them from some NYC blogs, but have yet to try them out.

      By the way, JanPrimus...greatest quote ever! "not the prettiest girl at the dance but she sure is dirty in ways I like. I even wrote home to mom!'"

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        I'm in the Detroit area - I have got to make it over to Southfield. I first had FIve Guys while in DC a couple of years ago. Mmm....what a fabulous guilty pleasure...

      2. They opened on Wednesday i believe. I was there yesterday (Thursday) about noon. I had the little bacon cheese burger with fresh jalapenos and thought it was quite good. There was a pretty good crowd and they seemed to be moving everyone through pretty quick. They seemed well organized. I'm excited to try some of their other menu items as there aren't many fast lunch options in Edina.

        1. I have been to the one in St cloud and Wow its great.

          1. talk about a quiet opening, I have never heard of this place and I think I'm pretty connected to the food 'goings-on' in MSP.

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              it originally wasn't supposed to open until mid-may, so it was a soft open.

            2. after reading this I had to send Mr. Puddin out to get burgers tonight. Yay for hand cut fries! They are just as good as Gene and Jude's fries in Chicago. Good burger, kind of messy but delicious, love that you can get grilled mushrooms and onions. Total bill for 2 of us was under $14.00. Only complaint from the Mr. was the eco-unfriendly fry container (styrofoam cup).

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                What is the address for Edina's Five Guys?

                1. re: DaKing

                  I don't know the address, but it's in the same strip mall as Potbelly's and Leann Chin's across from the new Container Store. I think it's on Gallagher Drive.

                  As for my review, burgers were good, but not as good as I remembered. Needed a little more seasoning. That might come in time. But the fries were fantastic, and I got a ton of them.

              2. Jill from Heavy Table checked it out and pronounced it good. She moved here from DC and was missing this taste of home.

                3871 Gallagher Dr.
                Edina, MN 55435
                HOURS: 11am-10pm daily

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                  Went tonight. The place wasn't full, and there was still a line at 8:30pm, about 15 minute wait for 2 burgers + fries. I got the bacon cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom, mustard and ketchup. I immediately noticed was this was easily 2lb of meaty, cheezy grilled decadence. This monster is the burger equivalent of a good NY deli pastrami and not for the TMJ-impaired! Second thing I noticed is the bun didn't seem to have a decent toast on it. That alone might be a deal breaker. Otherwise, this seems to be in the same class with Culver's, except Culver's toasts their buns.

                  As far as the fries, they are decent, but the batch we got had more eyes than a swarm of flies. The container we got them in was decidedly cardboard as well, not styrofoam. Perhaps they just ran out of the cardboard ones, puddin.

                  I realize it hasn't been the requisite 6 weeks for a review, and the staff definitely is getting their groove still, but there was way too many bodies and grill space for how slow food was coming out. The strategy seemed to be to hire more bodies to compensate, but it seems 2-3 were just slowing down the line.

                  Will try again, but for fast-food burgers, Culver's currently has them beat IMO.

                  1. re: JeaFoo

                    I tried Five Guys when I was visiting DC last month. I was unimpressed. Culver's beats them locally, and In-n-Out beats them out west. Five Guys should stay on the east coast.

                2. I tried it this week. I thought they were okay. I wish I wouldn't have gotten a double burger because the singe would have definitely sufficed. The toppings selection is nice and I like the fact that they had fresh jalapenos. As far as the taste, I was a but underwhelmed. I didn't think the meat had enough (any?) seasoning. It was a bit loose from the griller smooshing them down with press as they were cooking. The bun probably would've held up to one patty but not two. I also wish I would've had 2 or 3 other people to share the fries with. I probably ate about 25% of them.

                  I might give them another chance, but really I was wishing it was a double double from In n Out burger.

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                  1. re: babaoriley7

                    That was pretty similar to my impression. No seasoning on the meat. (The difference between a burger that's been properly salt-n-peppered and one that hasn't is tremendous.) Lots of toppings but a bland untoasted bun that doesn't hold up to them. Good fries, but a ridiculously large portion.

                    1. re: Jordan

                      Just curious, what is the cost of the single vs a double burger. Also what is the price of a regular fries? Trying to figure out what price category this falls into (for example In N OUT is very cheap vs Fuddruckers type place which is as much as full service type restaurant). Hopefully will give them a try this weekend...

                      1. re: TDS1

                        Singles start at $3.39. Doubles at $4.39. Option to add bacon and cheese. A bunch of free condiments. Fries are $2.59 and $3.99.

                        (Paraphrased from Star Tribune article)

                  2. For those who have been, do you like Culvers over Five Guys?