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Apr 23, 2009 01:02 PM

Fell's Point - ideas for a late afternoon drink outside?

We're driving through Baltimore tomorrow afternoon and wanted to enjoy some views, an interesting neighborhood to explore, and some cocktails (ideally outside). We're not looking for a formal lunch, just something tasty and local with a fun vibe. It looks like Fell's Point is up our alley - any suggestions in particular? Or should we hit a different neighborhood altogether?

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    1. Hanging outside of Todd Conners is always good for people watching.

      1. Alexander's Tavern on Broadway has outdoor tables and a good location.

        1. The following are all outside and will fill your need for exterior cocktails:
          John Stevens, Ltd.
          Woody's Rum BAr

          1. Go to Max's on Broadway, grab a beer to go from their insane selection, and pop it open's Baltimore! no one is going to care all that much, as long as you don't deficate on their property!!