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Apr 23, 2009 01:02 PM

Fell's Point - ideas for a late afternoon drink outside?

We're driving through Baltimore tomorrow afternoon and wanted to enjoy some views, an interesting neighborhood to explore, and some cocktails (ideally outside). We're not looking for a formal lunch, just something tasty and local with a fun vibe. It looks like Fell's Point is up our alley - any suggestions in particular? Or should we hit a different neighborhood altogether?

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    1. Hanging outside of Todd Conners is always good for people watching.

      1. Alexander's Tavern on Broadway has outdoor tables and a good location.

        1. The following are all outside and will fill your need for exterior cocktails:
          John Stevens, Ltd.
          Woody's Rum BAr

          1. Go to Max's on Broadway, grab a beer to go from their insane selection, and pop it open outside.....it's Baltimore! no one is going to care all that much, as long as you don't deficate on their property!!