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Apr 23, 2009 12:51 PM

Taboun Grill now open in Skokie, IL

Taboun Grill has added to their Chicago-Rogers Park location - they now have a location in Skokie - much larger but still the same great food -

Taboun Grill
8808 Gross Point Rd, Skokie, IL 60077

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  1. You beat me to the post :). Have you been there yet? I wish they would have different food to change things up a little. There's too much of an overkill now on Israeli food and on pizza joints...

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    1. re: Pluckyduk8

      Went today - as good as the original - I agree I would like a little variety but for Chicago I will take another good kosher eatery that I am not reluctant to say and eat at -

    2. As long as Morrocan fish is there, I'm happy.
      Love that dish!

      1. My husband just ate at the original the other night. He was there on business, wandered in right at closing after a grueling 4 hour drive. He said they were incredibly nice. Gave him what he needed. Didn't give him a hard time about the time, but asked him to take it out. Food was ok.