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Help - Herbsaint vs. Brigsten's

Confused and soon to be hungry. We will be intown for Jazz Fest this weekend and I made a reservations at Herbsaint while our companions made a reservation at Brigsten's. We have never been to either but this is causing quite the argument. Can anyone weigh in and settle this. Thank you in advance for any opinions

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    1. I'd go with Brigtsen's, but Herbsaint is good, too.

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            Brigtsen's. Herbsaint is inconsistent.

          2. While chef Donald Link and Herbsaint is a high quality establishment, I would have to say that Brigtsen's is probably one of the best restaurants in the city. If I had to choose out of the two, Brigtsen's would be an easy choice. Chef Frank Brigtsen has been whipping out some of the city's finest cuisine at his riverbend restaurant for quite some time. This is not to knock Herbsaint by any means as I would take Brigtsen's over just about any place in the city. Also, check out chef Donald Link's other restaurant, Cochon in the Warehouse District for authentic Cajun cuisine.


            1. Both restaurants are great! I love both, but I just went to Herbsaint and it was delicious. Check out their menu at herbsaint.com. And brigtsens.com. I think they are different, so check out the menus. Both usually have specials too.
              At Herbsaint I started with the spaghetti with a fried poached egg, very good. It is a little rich, but it was not too much. I shared some of it. My husband had the frog legs and loved them. I had the duck leg with dirty rice, husband had the chicken. Both were very good. And my dessert was also very good, the banana brown butter tart.
              Also, they are both in different neighborhoods. Depending on transportation and your location that could help you decide, especially if you are rushing, from jazz fest to hotel, shower, and back out to dinner. But I do love Brightsens too. Enjoy!

              1. Brigsten's by far... Try the rabbit tenderloin...it is amazing...never had a bad meal in the 20+ years that we have dined there when visiting the Garden District. My family is from New Orleans and we know great, authentic New Orleans cuisine!

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                  Did it ever move??? Cause it most certainly is not located in the Garden District. :)

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                    Maybe s/he's visiting the Garden District, but s/he's certainly not going to Brigtsen's in the Garden District, cause it's not there now and never has been.

                2. I just got back from New Orleans this weekend and although I did not eat at Herbsaint, I can not say enough positive things about my meal at Brigtsen's. In my opinion, the food, the ambience, the wait staff personify New Orleans.