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Apr 23, 2009 12:37 PM

Bar Mitzvah recommendations for Rivertown family?

Hi, hoping I can get some good suggestions. My son's bar mitzvah is in March 2010 and we want to have a great LUNCH party. I'm hoping to do it offsite within 20 minutes of Tarrytown or onsite with a helpful good caterer (must be able to do a dairy meal, but doesn't need to be kosher OR a kosher meat meal) We are probably topping out at 100 people (70 adults/30 kids) and we are set with a good non-annoying dj but are totally stymied on the food. Hope you chowhounds can help out! Thanks.

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  1. Pleasantville Country Club/Unique Affairs Caterers is one possibility. It's quite reasonably priced, the food is surprisingly good and abundant, and it's very professionally run. We had my daughter's bat mitzvah party there 3 years ago and my son's last month--both lunch parties, both very successful, both smooth as silk. I'm sure they could handle a dairy meal. Ours was almost all vegetarian. Good luck and mazel tov.

    1. call pleasantville jcc for caterer rec. It may be called perfect pita. It's supposed to be incredible and jcc uses them all the time. I got this rec for my daughter's bat mitz which we're doing in a funky loft near X20.
      also Cara tannenbaum- used to own quarropas restaurant/ gourmet shop/catering for scarsdale women's club. she's amazing and does lots of bat mitz. she did my party at scarsdale women's club and is doing my bat mitz.

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        where is this funky loft near X20? that's excactly what I am looking for.

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          google the loft dance studio. rell her I referred you. She is NOT catering savvy(food, etc) but has done some parties- mine was the most extensive and btwn myself and the caterers skill and creativity- we had an amazing event!