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Coriander root?

I have been salivating nonstop since reading this recipe for Bangkok Fried Chicken [1]. Seems like something Russo's ought to have, but I can't recall ever having seen whole coriander root there, or anywhere else. Anyone know of a local source?

[1] http://food.theatlantic.com/abroad/be...

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  1. Never seen the roots on sale anywhere. Seeds, stems, and leaves yes, roots no. I've even grown the stuff and never noticed any substantial roots.

    As for the chicken itself, there was a thread on the subject not long ago. Several local places offer it: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/594801

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      Is Bon Chon and Bangkok fried chicken essentially the same thing?

    2. Sometimes Russo's has bunches of cilantro (coriander) with roots, sometimes they're clipped off. Asian markets might have them with roots more often. There isn't much of a root, just a couple of inches.

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        The cilantro I bought at Russo's on Friday has the root attached, FWIW.

      2. Interesting read!

        Now I'm craving that chicken!!

        I googled coriander root and found some good info, including a conversation on the LA Chowhound site. Look for cilantro/coriander (same thing) with the root attached.

        I'm thinking that the Asian grocery store on Western Ave near Mittaheap in Lynn might have coriander/cilantro with the root attached. I think it's called Paylin Lynn Market (there are two markets almost side by side, there, and I tend to forget which is which). The one I'm thinking of a small place, but the larger of the two, and they have lots of fresh herbs and veggies (other stuff, too).

        Here's the LA Chowhound reference to coriander root:


        and here's some interesting info on another food blog:


        1. i have purchased coriander root (cilantro with the root attached) at the super 88 in malden and allston. they don't always have it though

          1. Market Basket frequently has cilantro with the roots attached, Russo's also has them (sometimes half have the roots and half don't)

            1. Where are you gonna get your rice flour?

              I saw that article too...sounds awesome.

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                You can get rice flour at basically any asian market

                I have bought cilantro with the roots attached at Stop and Shop, even. Sometimes they have th eroots, sometimes they don't

              2. Best bet for finding cilantro (coriander) with the roots on are the Vietnamese groceries, which are smaller, on Dot Ave. The root helps them keepbetter, too.
                There are 4 or 5. Just get on Dot Ave at the kenedy library exit, or from Columbia road, and go. The first one on the right should be Pho Cuhong market....

                1. I rarely find them with roots attached, but always watching for that. They are a typical ingredient in most home-made Thai curries. They are tiny, and I think you could just substitute some smashed up coriander stems or even leaves if you can't find them. I'm often surprised that they are cut off since there must be some demand for them.

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                    Market Basket sells with the root, always.

                  2. I was just at the Whole Foods in Brighton and they had cilantro with stems on. First time I've seen that there, strange coincidence.....