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Apr 23, 2009 12:14 PM

Red Stag Grill, Asheville

We were really looking forward to a new option in Asheville, Red Stag Grill in the Grand Bohemian Hotel, but were very disappointed. We were four people and everyone had the same opinion - food was just average. My salad was decent, but the rack of lamb and side order of polenta had no flavor. I guess I had high expectations. The service was fine. On a positive note, the dining room and bar are very nice (except for the taxidermy animal heads strewn throughout). The hotel itself is very cool. I think it's a great addition to Asheville. Maybe we will try once more after they have been open longer, or just go for drinks. I am curious to read reviews from others.

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  1. That's too bad since their menu looked promising. Have others tried it? Maybe, it's just opening growing pains!?!

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      1. I recently had my 3rd visit to the Red Stag and unfortunately, its just been terribly dissapointing.

        My first concern is the decor, the hotel exterior has a Charleston feel which doesn't match the interior is a lodge feel which doesn't match the modern flatware and backlit menus.

        My second concern is the dismal service. 20 mins to recieve a drink. Our waitress could not understand English and did not seem to understand the concept of a martini or blue cheese olives. When drinks were finished we were not offered another round.

        At this point I have tried the sea bass, the salmon and the duck. All of the food here is of a high quality and has the potential to be fantastic, however it is all SO BLAND. Just so so bland just in desperate need of a seasoning a sauce or something. Also if you order a grill item, it comes ala carte'. You are presented a very small piece of fish on a huge stark white plate, very unappealing.

        I keep waiting on this place to "wow" me and it just is so lack luster. I truly hope they get it together because it has potential but as of now I give it thumbs down.

        1. I took a party of six to the Red Stag Grill on a busy Saturday night (August 28 2009). The entire experience was profoundly disappointing.

          The room is a little too much focussed on antlers to the point of being ludicrous.

          That aside, the service was very slow and the waiter was not even remotely knowledgeable about wine.

          Most importantly, the food was quite awful. Their allegedly great calamari, while not overcooked, was not at all crisp and the sauce was overpowering. The duck was very fatty and the skin had no crisp at all. The tuna was grossly overcooked and dry and had no sauce.

          I would never return to this restaurant, and I was embarrassed to have exposed five other people to incompetent service and cooking.

          Finally, the manager was relatively unresponsive to the complaints about the food. This restaurant should really not be in business unless the owner gets a new chef and hires and trains people such that they are capable of delivering appropriate information and service.

          Do yourself a favor: go elsewhere.