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Apr 23, 2009 12:11 PM

just asking a dumb question

now i've heard a lot of good things about bloom, does anyone know if or when food lion will open bloom stores in the richmond va area, and yes i know about the one in quinton va but where i am it's a little out of the way, several rumours i heard was that they were going to remodel stores in powhatan & midlothian but so far nothing, does anyone know anything about new bloom stores.

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  1. I haven't heard anything about it...anything that improves Food Lion is a-okay by me. The new Fresh Market opened at Huguenot and Midlothian (where the old Barnes and Noble was) a few weeks ago.

    1. The Food Lion on 360 near Woodlake has a sign that says Bloom is opening in that space summer of 2009. But, I haven't seen any signs of progress, and I sure hope they are planning to re-design the store.

      The Food Lion in Brandermill, at the corner of Genito and Coalfield I think, is really pretty nice when compared to the other Food Lion stores.

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        The Food Lion in Brandermill is much nicer than average. It's my go-to spot when I need something quick and don't want to face the crowds at Kroger or Ukrops or Fresh Market (holidays, snow, etc.)

      2. i mean that's great but which food liion are you talking about the one at genito at 360 or is this one further up the road near where there building that walmart near ameila.truthfully i'd just wish food lion would just make up their mind are they going to have bloom stores in richmond or not.

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          The Food Lion on 360 near the new Walmart, in the Deer Run Shopping plaza, is supposed to be a Bloom.

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            here in sc they remolded two in the last couple of months that i have noticed.

            1. re: LaLa

              ok great thanks for all the responses. now i guess it's gonna be a waiting game to see if we actually do get a bloom before christmas.

              1. re: krisalyx

                Check out the Food Lion on West Broad, just east of Libbie, across from the Libbie Place SS/Target. Its a Bloom in every respect, except for the name change and just about my favorite place to grocery these days. The FL on Forest Hill Ave is under renovation and was nicer last time I was there, but not quite done, so not sure if it will be a Bloom. It was my understanding, from speaking with the peeps at the Broad Street store that they were going to convert a few stores before doing any re-branding/marketing. (ps: as much as I love that store, I find the parking lot a little sketchy and lonely after dark)