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Apr 23, 2009 12:05 PM

where do I find san marzano tomatoes in Calgary?

Where can I find San Marzano tomatoes in Calgary? Safeway had 'Unico' brand which stated 'San Marzano type tomatoes' on the can. I am assuming that these might produce good tomato sauce results even if they do not come from Italy!

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  1. I've had trouble finding them at my local Safeway (Kensington) so I always just make the trip up to Lina's to buy them when I need some. A little pricey, but I'm not even sure what the Safeways hat do have them are selling them for. Lina's is certainly a reliable source.

    Lina's Italian Market & Cappuccino Bar
    2211 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

    1. Lina's definitely has them. Italian Grocery on the corner of Edt Tr & 20 Av probably has them as well.

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        1. i use them (also 6-in-1) for making pizza sauce, and have found them at co-op, safeway, superstore, and pretty much any italian store. they might be called plum tomatoes in some cases (?).

          and to the OP yes, you're right, the tomatoes don't have to actually be grown in italy to taste great. on, the wal-mart "great value" brand is regarded as one of the best you can buy in the USA (no kidding).

        2. Bite has the best tinned tomatoes

          1. I found whole cases of canned organic tomatoes from Italy -- not San Marzano per se, but grown near the same region -- at Costco last summer. I can't remember the price offhand, but it was cheap. If you're a member keep your eyes peeled as I'm hoping they bring them in again. Beautiful and sweet, really amazing.

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              I'd second Costco's canned organic tomatoes. I keep looking for them at Costco hoping they'll bring them back. Fingers crossed this summer :)