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Apr 23, 2009 11:59 AM

Day Trip

I'm planning a day trip for Tuesday to either Frederick, Westminster, Mount Airy or York Pa....which place will be decided on what types of good lunch places are suggested here. I've never been to any of the towns....does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Westminster isn't very chow worthy... I went to college there and there are some decently good places, but not at all like Frederick, which I think has better restaurants on the whole.

    I also like Frederick because there is more to do. Westminster is a college town with Baltimore suburban sprawl.

    Volt is not open for lunch, but there is a good brew pub right by Volt that I forget the name of...

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      Volt is most definitely open for lunch! And that would be my choice of restaurant in all of the towns listed. In fact, of all of the towns listed, Frederick is the only one with decent food. If Volt is too high-end, the brewpub that kt mentioned is Brewer's Alley -- it's ok, not great. There is also Acacia (Asian fusion), The Tasting Room (contemporary American), Isabella's (tapas), The Orchard (fresh soups, salads, stirfries) and many more places. Plus, Frederick's downtown is a really lively, interesting place.

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        Well if Volt is open for lunch that would be worth checking out, we had a lovely dinner there with friends a few months ago.

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          Thanks to both...Frederick it is!