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Apr 23, 2009 11:55 AM

Babbo - Service and Menu Question

My wife and I have a reservation at Babbo next month. We are very excited! But here's my issue. My wife is a veggetarian, and not the biggest eater in the world. Also, not really a drinker. We'll probably order 2 apps, 2 primis and a contorni, and instead of a bottle of wine we'll share a 1/4 litre. That seems to be a lot less than most people order -- I've been reading on CH that parties of two order multiple apps, primis and secondis! So my question is will I leave hungry (seems unlikely, no?)? And, will the wait staff be a bit irritated since our check will probably be much smaller than their other tables.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. If your wife is a small eater than it should be enough food for the both of you.

    I've never seen it myself but a good friend of mine ate at Babbo with a party of 4 and they ordered no wine or liquor of any sort and reported to me that the waiter was definitely miffed.

    1. I can't remember where each fell on the menu, but we ordered the grilled octopus with a little frisee and something salad, the beef cheek ravioli and the sweetbreads. We started with a glass of prosecco (birthday celebration) and a moderate bottle of wine. And, of course, the little plate of garbanzo bruschetta. It was plenty of food for us (probably because there was so much flavor in each thing) and the service was perfect.

      1. Hey I have actually gone to Babbo twice in the past few months, and one of the visits was about a month ago so it is still fresh in my mind. I did some heavy chowhound searching for both trips to figure out what others had recommended and could summarize them, but it would include a lot of non vegetarian dishes and wouldn't be as helpful for you ( unless your just curious and I will gladly elaborate haha).

        I think one important tip to know is that you can order pastas off of the tasting menu that are not listed in the primi area and hopefully that will give you a few more options. As far as ordering two apps goes I think you would be happier ordering another primi in the place of one of the apps because the most recommended apps are the octopus, lamb's tongue, and pigs foot and everything else isn't too remarkable.

        As far as primi's, the best vegetarian would be the Pumpkin Lune and it was surprisingly one of the top two primi favorites among both groups of friends that I went to Babbo with (both were tables of 6 so we tried a good amount of dishes). Another dish, the garganelli with funghi trifolati is a good but simple dish, the mushrooms have a great flavor but the sauce is a mild butter sauce I believe. I wasn't sure if your wife was a very strict vegetarian or not, but if seafood is ok the spaghettini with the lobster was very good. The Maccheroni alla chitarra may be another option but it has Bottarga di Muggine in it which is pretty much like caviar and I have heard the Domingo's Pyramids off of the tasting menu are good, but I have not had them and am not sure if they contain any meat. The rapini 'broccoli rabe' is good as are the brussel sprouts if you like those veggies. Hope this helps.

        1. First, don't worry about the service. It will be good, or if not, it is not your fault. Don't sweat it. Get a 1/4 litre if you want. Or a glass each. Whatever works.

          Second, my gf is vegetarian and eats very well at Babbo. I am not veg, but like (love) many of her favorites
          - antipasti: roasted beat tartare is good (not great), asparagus with poached egg special, if they have it (great)
          - primi: goat cheese tortellini (excellent), pumpkin lune (very good)

          I think 1app and 1 primi and 1/2 a cotonri will be enough for your wife, but I'm guessing not for you. I'd get 3 primi, even if one is not vegetarian. You won't be upset.

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            Oh the Goat Cheese tortellini is soo good. We might have to try for another reservation in September just for that.

          2. If i remember correctly, my husband and i ordered 1 app, 2 primis, and 1 secondi plus dessert and were STUFFED. It was so much food that we couldn't finish it. We didn't order a bottle of wine, but we might have ordered a glass each. I don't think the wait staff has a right to be irritated since you are ordering however much food you think will fill you up. If they get snippy, it's their problem, not yours.