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Apr 23, 2009 11:44 AM

Everyday Desserts

Hi all,

I'm trying to come up with some new ideas for everyday desserts. After dinner I want something sweet, something more dessert-y than plain fruit but that I won't feel too bad about eating every day. Of course the foodie in me wants it to be interesting, too.

What are your favorite not-TOO-unhealthy treats? It would be great if they're either simple to put together or can be made ahead in a batch of several servings.

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  1. My mother-in-law made this dessert--last for a few days in a sealed tupperware.
    Blend together yogurt and cottage cheese with some sugar (icing sugar works best), lemon rind, a few spoons of lemon juice, and a packet of gelatin (prepared with half the water). Chill and serve with fresh fruit.

    1. I suggest you watch the current Jacques Pepin series on PBS Create. Most of his desserts are fruit-based; all are easy and quick to prepare.

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        I was just thinking that too. I saw Jacques make a very simple pear tart on TV last night. First he put some melted buter on a silpat and sprinkled some sugar over it. Then he dipped a flour tortilla in the mixture and turned it over. He peeled and sliced some pears and put those on top and sprinkled some sugar on them before baking in the oven. When the tart was done, he put some apricot jam on top as a glaze. Pretty simple and it looked very nice when it was done.

      2. Apple Brown Betty
        Blueberry or apple, peach,pear, strawberry-rhubarb) Crisps (or any combo thereof)
        Peach Cobbler
        Plum Clafouti
        Pears poached in red/white wine with cloves...
        Tapioca with strawberry coulis
        Chocolate pudding- to a mix add 'good' chocolate and heavy cream...almost mousse!)
        Marscapone or Ricotta Puddings (simple cheese custards) with fruit topping
        Cafe Gelee (leftover strong coffee, jelled-top with whipped cream/ chocolate shavings)
        Rice Pudding (add cinnamon, cumin, pepper and ground cloves to taste)

        1. I like a cream puff shell (they keep a while stored in the freezer) filled with gelato and drizzled with Hershey's syrup. Okay, what I really like is a cream puff filled with ice cream topped with whipped cream and homemade fudge sauce, but that doesn't quite fit the "not-too-unhealthy" bill.....

          1. apple or peach or berry crisp
            ricotta with good honey
            chocolate zucchini cake