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Apr 23, 2009 11:37 AM

What type of food do you like to have for lunch?

Hello everyone!

I've been having a debate with some friends as to what we, Americans, think is a good lunch meal (by good meal, I mean - does it need to have veggies?, meat?, bread?, dairy products?, etc?

Can you guys let me know what you think is a good lunch meal to you?


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  1. Witty friends, a glass of wine, superb food, a lovely patio, and a temperate clime.
    Other than that, I'm not sure what you mean. Food must be fresh and well prepared - variety would be nice as well.

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      Thanks for your reply! My apologies, my question was so ambiguous. I meant, what kind of food you consider is good for lunch?

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        For an average meal, I try to eat a balanced - protein (beans, tofu, cheese), lots of vegetables, and a starch. Mostly leftovers during the week although I tend to have a heavier lunch than dinner.

      2. Well alwayscooking was clearly thinking of "your ideal lunch situation" while I was thinking "what am I packing to bring to work these days?"

        So, for weekdays and working situations I like to pack salads - just a huge mountain of vegetables, that way I figure I am frontloading my produce requirements for the day so I don't have to worry about getting them in at dinner and can make whatever I want when I am home and have the time to make something more enjoyable (though that often ends up being quite a lot of veggies as well).

        I prefer to keep lunches vegetarian because I don't like to feel very full or heavy in the middle of the day. I save my meat consumption for dinner (a la Bittman, though I do sometimes consume dairy in the daytime).

        Ideal lunch situation? Brunch. Omelettes and fresh fruit. A Bloody Mary or a glass of champagne. In the sunshine.

        1. Soup and some salad/veggies/fruit, or leftovers from the previous night's dinner.

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          1. I usually have a salad with either chicken or steak on it. I always use peppers, cucumber, celery, radishes, feta cheese, and whatever else I happen to have in my fridge.

            Occasionally I will have leftovers from dinner or a sandwich.

            1. My preferred lunch would some meat and a starch, perhaps some fruit too. Sandwiches or leftovers usually populate my lunchbox. There’s always fresh fruit and/or some nuts or seeds.

              I love a salad, but it doesn’t seem to fill me up at lunch and am tempted to snack later.

              Now if lunch is on my salesman, then anything goes! ;-)