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Apr 23, 2009 11:37 AM

too much walnut butter!

my wonderful bf went through a phase where he was very concerned with getting more omega 3's in his diet and went on a spree buying up every jar of walnut butter in the NOW there's about 10 jars of the stuff and i would love to incorporate it into some recipes but don't really know where to start - just pure pureed walnuts, no additives. i have to say its delicious but there's only so many english muffins you can have slathered with the stuff - any ideas?

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  1. Sub it for peanut butter for peanut-butter cookies. I'd also think that some african recipes that call for peanut-butter would be able to use it as an acceptable sub (like spicy beef-peanut stew, here's an example:

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      I had a great chocolate cake once that was basically plain ol' cake from a box, but instead of using icing between the layers, she used walnut butter. Frosted with chocolate icing mixed with walnut butter and decorated with walnut halves on top...soooo goood.

      1. re: thursday

        holy hell that sounds delish! i'm trying it - thanks to you both for the suggestions! these freakin jars haunt me everytime i open the fridge:)

      2. The eggplant walnut dip with the walnut butter instead of the raw walnuts. Maybe a hummus with it without the Tahini.

        1. Nuts are a frequent ingrediant in pesto. Try tossing some of that walnut butter into some warm pasta with some cheese and herbs.

          1. It does great in broccoli soups or pumpkin soups.


            1. Can you use it in place of peanut butter in recipes such as Chicken Satay and Sesame noodles?