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Apr 23, 2009 11:15 AM

Good fish market w/ good prices for picky fish eater

OK, long title. Basically, I'm allergic to shellfish which is a HUGE bummer. I can't really handle strong tasting fish like salmon or swordfish, so if I want to eat fish, I usually have haddock, scrod, cod, sole, tilapia or halibut. The problem is, I can't find a good fish market w/ reasonable prices. I went to Whole Foods and they were selling haddock for like $8 or more per pound. I can get it cheaper up in Maine at my folks' house and it's fresher or I could go to my boyfriend's in RI and hit Dave's and get it for $3.99, again, fresher and better. Are there any places I could go where I can get good fish at a decent price? I don't mind paying a little extra, but a lot more...that's insane!

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  1. not sure where you live, but Burke's is really good. . .

    1. Sorry, should make where I live clear. I'm in Brookline. I'd like to find a place in Brookline, Boston, Cambridge or Somerville. I don't want to travel to the 'burbs.

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        Have you tried Wulf's on Harvard? I moved out of Brookline 4 years back, but that was my go-to fishmonger. Very knowledgeable and the fish was as fresh as I've ever had. Whole Foods (may be in Boston at Comm & Washington) would be my backup for Brookline area.

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          I actually did a post asking about them a few months ago and people had told me they went way downhill and that I shouldn't bother. Have you been there lately?

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            I live near Wulf's and am one of the folks who've given up on them. They're not even as good as Whole Foods, which itself doesn't hold a candle to the Fish Lady at the Brookline farmer's market, which is, alas, still a couple of months away from reopening. She's not cheap (last year she charged $10 - $11 a pound for haddock filet, which I also love), but her fish is incredibly fresh and good.

        2. super 88 and ming's always have live tilapia and a variety of flat fishes. the prices are very cheap, but unless you know *how* to buy fish, i'd advise against it.

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              Basically, you need to learn how to identify good fish if you're going to buy from Super 88. Clear eyes, red gills, and a decent amount of activity for the live ones (though it's hard to gauge activity in a crowded tank). While a live fish is usually okay, personally, I'd rather pay $8+/lb somewhere reliable (like New Deal) - that is a reasonable price, around here. Occasionally I'll buy from Market Basket (~$6/lb), but the quality can vary.

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              The fish area in the Brighton Super 88 always seems to have a foul odor. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and know what a normal fish store smells like. Unfortunately, I wouldn't describe the smell emanating from Super 88 fish area as typical.

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                never been to that location. i only ever go to chinatown, and like i said, it's hit or miss.

            3. I'm a fan of Court House Fish, on Cambridge St in Cambridge, a few blocks down from the Middlesex County Court House. Excellent quality and really helpful folks behind the counter who will help you with preparation etc.

              Courthouse Fish Market
              484 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

              1. I'm a fan of Courthouse and New Deal in E Cambridge. Capt Marden is also very good and may be convenient for you.

                I think you're going to find the price you pay in RI hard to find for fresh, high quality fish in this area.

                I paid $10/lb at James Hook for a really nice piece of haddock a few days ago. The fish mkt on Salem in the NE was charging the same today.

                Sadly, Wulf's has gone way downhill and I won't buy there.

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                  I've found that if you want good, fresh fish, you have to pay.