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Where to buy chorizo in No VA?

Hi all, I was wondering if the brain trust has any suggestions as to where I can find decent chorizo for a Cinco de Mayo party in No VA? Thanks!

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  1. there is a great place called International Market at the corner of Washington Blvd and N. Pershing in Arlington. they have fresh chorizo as well which is hard to find

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      There, and the place across from the Whole Foods in Clarendon. Forgetting the name right now. They have a few other options.

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        Chaparal (sp?) is the name of the market in Clarendon. I forget which kind of chorizo they carried was my fave, but they used to have 5-6 options.

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          what about good dried spanish chorizo, which i prefer to Mexican. I haven't found any around here. I'm not sure if it is allowed to be imported to the US. Is it?

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            I'm only guessing but I think Chapparal has this. There used to be at least one, dryer and harder looking variety - used to be to the right of the counter on a shelf.

      2. Shoppers carries some brands (some of them locally-made) in several styles, and I find all of them quite good. Why go way out of your way?

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          Giant also carries several varieties (Salvadoran, Mexican, Argentine, etc.).

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            I think Giant and Shoppers are both carrying Logan's, which I've never tried; how are they? Also, does anyone know what the difference is between Logan's Salvadoran, Mexican, and Argentine varieties?

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              A foodie coworker whose taste I respect abhores Logan's, so I've not tested her opinion.

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                I've tried the Logan's andouille and found it pretty bland.

          2. The Korean-run supermarkets (Grand Mart, H-Mart, etc) usually have a good selection of fresh, inhouse chorizos.

            1. It seems I have a lot of choices, all in my backyard, relatively speaking! Thank you all!

              1. There is a Latin market (I *Think* It's called Eden Market) on Route 1 across from Mcdonalds, at the bend just south of the beltway in Alexandria - They usually have several fresh varieties.


                1. Hands down, the best chorizo I have ever had is called Chorizo Cabal. It seems to be a new line of fresh chorizo. They make a great one too (if you like super spicy) that they call El Perron. I found out about them through tastedc.com. I bought the chorizo in a cute Latin market in Fairfax (main street) called Americana Grocery. They also had great looking fresh meats. chorizocabal.com is the site for the chorizo

                  1. shoppers food warehouse and whole foods each sell chorizo

                    1. Best ones I've had are the fresh chorizo at the meat counter at fresh world in springfield. Wide variety of style and the price is great.

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                        I'm going to have to check out the FW in Reston for this. Hadn't yet thought about looking at the chorizo while I'm there.